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Oct 26, 2010 11:03 AM

Resolved: Clementine is the best Jewish bakery in Los Angeles

and it isn't even Jewish.

Claim is based on three items, all so vastly superior to any other known commercial preparation in Los Angeles that they take the crown.

Rugelach - vastly superior, tender buttery crumb, nut and and sugar exterior, lush fruit filling with thre dates, prunes, and apricot

Mr JudiAU: "Don't ever buy me another kind of rugelach"

Hamantaschen - Buttery, crisp goodness, handmade fruit centers that taste like fruit, not month-only Solo

Mr JudiAU: Classic South Park Hanukkah Songs

Honey Cake- dense and wheaty

Mr. JudiAU: Better than Granny's

Chocolate macaroons- french style macaroon with, I think, perhaps a little rice flour in the shell, crisp and dense at the same time, chocolate ganache interior

Mr. JudiAU: *hum* takes box and hides it

Jewish bakeries and desserts don't need to be dairy-free but they are often are.
Pareve = yucky transfat nastiness, heavy greasy flavorless flake
Butter = good

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  1. "Claim is based on three items."

    rugelach + hamantaschen + honey cake + chocolate macaroons = four items. Just sayin

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    1. re: crema

      I don't really like honey cake so I didn't think it was fair to include. It was much better than what vie had before.

    2. Clementine just kicks ass. Period.

      1. Is the Chicken Pot Pie Jewish? (Best thing since slice bread :))

        Love this place, always bring home their delicious soups.

        I also like their flat/buttery/crispy chocolate chip cookies.

        1. Only four items, three of which are generally considered to be holiday-specific? I love Clementine, but IMO no establishment can even be in the running for the all-encompassing title of "Best Jewish Bakery" if it doesn't sell babkas, challahs, marble loaves, and black-and-white cookies, along with the optional non-pareve cheesecake. That would be like calling a restaurant that doesn't offer pastrami or corned beef sandwiches "Best Jewish Deli" just because it happens to make a terrific matzoh-ball soup.

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          1. re: Arthur

            those three items, by themselves, are important enough to motivate me to drive there from playa del rey.. . .

            1. re: westsidegal

              That's understandable and I might do the same. But those few items aren't sufficient to "resolve" the question of which Jewish bakery in Los Angeles is overall best, as the title of this thread so conclusively asserts. Clementine simply does not offer enough Jewish staples to qualify in the category.

              1. re: Arthur

                But they are so much better! And I've never had a particularly good babka or black and white cookie in la