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Oct 26, 2010 09:24 AM

Quick dinner in New Iberia?

Driving round trip to New Iberia next week for a meeting and need a place for a quick-ish group dinner that won't start until around 8 or even later. Nothing too elaborate since we need to drive back to NOLA after dinner, and we will be a business-casual kind of group. (We have a designated driver so we are ok to drink.) I see that Clementine's, Boiling Point, Brenda's Diner, and Yellow Bowl in Jeanrette have been mentioned in reference to New Iberia, but I am not sure which of these would be appropriate/open or if there are some other choices. Don't have any idea if the others in my group are foodies, so not a super high threshold of Chow-iness is needed, but I would certainly appreciate a non-deep fried dinner option.

Your advice so far has been spot-on, so once again--help--and thanks!

Boiling Point
2998 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458

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  1. Boiling Point, Brenda's and Bon Creole are my kind of joint's. They are not elaborate by any means. If you prefer a local joint these would be my choices. There will be plenty of non fried seafood and cold drinks. Boiling Point would probably handle your group the best. Clementine's is fine dining at it's best. That is compared to the other joints.

    Boiling Point Restaurant @ 7413 Highway 90 W, New Iberia, LA 337 - 365 - 7596.
    Bon Creole Lunch Counter @ 1409 East Saint Peter St., New Iberia, LA 337 - 367 - 6181.
    Brenda's Diner @ 411 West Pershing St., New Iberia, LA 337 - 367 - 0868.

    Clementine's @ 113 E Main Street, New Iberia, LA 337 - 560 - 1007.

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      Brenda's was the first thing that jumped to my mind...but all the others are fine for these things. I still miss La Roseire, though, but that has been years.

    2. Clementine's, definitely. Ask to be seated in the bar. Much more comfortable than the main dining room. Great antique bar with gas lamps. It's the "nicest" place in New Iberia, but it's hardly "fine dining". It's quite casual....no worries. Good food, too.

      I don't care for Boiling Point. I've had "re-boiled" seafood one too many times there. The better seafood options in the area are in Abbeville (Cajun Claw, Richard's, Dupuy's & Shuck's).

      Brenda's? Never been for dinner. Kinda small, though, for a group. Sketchy neighborhood.

      Yellow Bowl ain't what it used to be. It's not bad, but it used to be particularly good. It's casual, can handle a group and you can get in and out pretty quick. A lot of fried food, though.

      Boiling Point
      2998 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458

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      1. re: BayouTeche

        Is Shucks holding up? I had some less-than-great meals there a few years ago--and it suprised me. Yello Bowl fell off my radar some years ago but I should go back to be fair.

        I am interested to hear that Boiling Point has been cheating. Been too long since I hung out down there. Went to teh Gumbo Contest a few weeks ago and barely knew anybody anymore

        Boiling Point
        2998 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458

        1. re: hazelhurst

          Shuck's is, in fact, better than ever. A new owner took over a year or so ago. Place is rollin'. Expect a wait during prime hours.

          Honestly, it's probably been 3 years since I've been to Yellow Bowl. Last I went it was pretty lackluster and I haven't heard anything has improved.

          Again...probably 3 years since Boiling Point. But there are way too many boil places (and much better) in this area to tolerate that nonsense. Rising Star pulled that on me too.

          Gumbo Cookoff has blown up, hasn't it? A lot of out-of-towners. Between my wife and I, I figure we had around 10-12 different gumbo's.

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          Clementin's is probably the best choice for your circumstances. Your dinner choices are very limited, and as the locals say "The best place to eat in New Iberia is Abbeville".

          I like Brenda's and Bon Creole but the former is more a lunch and take-out place (no liquor license) and the latter more sandwiches with a few plates...good po-boys and gumbo.

          Your late dining hour may not leave these places open for you.
          Another choice, The Landing can be risky as to quality.

          If you get away in time you can always head up hwy 90 and get a much better selection in Lafayette

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            I have to say that the Yellow Bowl and Clementine have been inconsistent. When good, they are very good, but you never know these days. Of late, I've had the crawfish etouffe, crawfish supreme, and broiled catfish at the Yellow Bowl, and they have been very good. (I'm omitting the fried entrees.) I've had some very good dishes at Clementine, including corn and crab bisque, stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, grouper. I believe they close at 9:00 on weekdays, but perhaps the bar is open later.

          2. Which day of the week? I think the Yellow Bowl and Bon Creole close at 9:00 on weekdays.

            1. Another option is Little River Inn, which is open until 10:00 on weeknights and 11:00 on weekends. I really like their sauteed lump crabmeat, stuffed shrimp ( but only the fried), shrimp and catfish pirogue, and catfish riverside. Although the restaurant itself is inconsistent, I have always been more than pleased with these particular dishes. http://www.poorboysriversideinn.com/F...

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              1. re: cajungirl

                Where is that? I saw their tent at the Gumbo Contest and spoke briefly with the woman there but I did not get a clear idea of its location thinking, at first, it was the old La rosiere. But walked down to Shadows and did not see anything "Little River"-ish. Did I walk right by it?

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  It's on Hwy 182 (Main St.), a block or so west of Lewis St., a little less than a mile from the plaza where the cookoff is held. The address is 833 E. Main St.

                  1. re: cajungirl

                    OK, down past the City Hall...I just went as far as Shadows.

                    1. re: hazelhurst

                      Yes, it is further east, almost across from Torido Village, if you're familiar with that. I think it was the site of Trappey's.

              2. Another possibility for boiled seafood is Seafood Connection on Parkview. Right now they have boiled crabs, according to yesterday's newspaper. I have never been, but I always hear good things about it. I believe they are open late.