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Oct 26, 2010 09:11 AM

brunch at amis

anyone been? menu looks intriguing! how are the portion sizes - ie, is brunch designed to be a few small plates per person, or does one dish suffice?

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  1. The brunch is definitely small plates. My party of 3 shared a cheese plate and a bruschetta and then each ordered our own dish, either pasta or eggs, and finally shared a dessert. I ended up wishing we'd ordered more--the dishes are quite small.

    Have you been to Amis for dinner? If you liked it, I'm confident you'll like brunch. For what it's worth, I left pretty unsatisfied by my brunch. I thought the portions were just too dainty for the prices, and that in general Amis was casual to a fault--there was a general lack of attention to detail that would never fly at Osteria. Anyhoo, let us know what you think!