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Oct 26, 2010 07:24 AM

Fantastic Food & Fabulous Fun

We are a group of Montreal women attending a conference near downtown Disney in about a week. I am a big foodie, they just want to eat inexpensively and in a fun atmosphere. We will not have access to cars, but are willing to take cabs as long as it is not too far. We are looking to cover 5 dinners as a group (13 people), 2 dinners as a smaller group (6 people), breakfast and lunch - close by the convention center. I will be staying on an extra few days and am also looking for a few romantic spots. We will have rented a car by this point, so transportation is not an issue.

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  1. In the relatively close by to Disney, fantastic food, fabulous fun atmosphere and inexpensive category, I'd rec Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley.

    1. A previous thread that ought to give you some ideas: That said you don't say whether your group will be okay with ethnic food, especially Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Ethiopian or even Mexican/Oaxacan food - Gabbi's Mexican food is about 6 miles away from the Disney parks - (among others)? For romantic I think you would be hard pressed to do better than the Cellar (which is included as one of the places listed in the link above) in Fullerton.

      Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen
      141 S Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866

      Cellar Restaurant French Cuisine
      305 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

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        Any type of food will do. We are from Montreal where ethnic restaurants are a-plenty and varied. Just in our gang of 13 women, we are Italian, Greek, Chinese, Jamaican, Russia, French Canadian and Scottish. Nice ideas so far... keep them coming. Any food related events happening in the LA area within the first 2 weeks of November?

      2. I recommend Fanny's Fondue.

        1. Darn! Thanks to friends rec's, I ate my way though Montreal - what a fabulous food town.

          But I do not know Anaheim. Only West LA and Eastish LA (rented in one place, bought in another)

          You can catch a train from near Disney to Union Station to eat at Traxx - which is not the best food in town, but Nice - and the old California architecture of the station is LOVELY, and adventure in itself.

          I hope you have a wonderful time!

          Traxx Restaurant
          800 N Alameda St Ste 122, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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          1. re: happybaker

            Along similar lines, they could take the train to Union Station and eat on or at least check out Olvera Street. I have eaten with big groups at La Golondrina many, many times and have yet to have a meal that the group and I didn't enjoy.

            Olvera Street
            845 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

            La Golondrina
            17 Olvera St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

          2. Thinking back, I was first introduced to great Thai in LA, many years ago. Any Thai places of note?

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            1. re: Andria

              Honestly, go to Renu Nakorn. It's not so far away and is arguably the best Thai restaurant in LA and OC. Everyone likes it. The menu ranges from typical Thai favorites to more unusual Southern Thai, Northern Thai, and Isaan dishes.

              Renu Nakorn Restaurant
              13019 Rosecrans Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650

              1. re: sushigirlie

                Yes, arguable. I think Renu Nakorn ain't what it used to be after the move from its original location. Given that Garden Grove location of Thai Nakorn is about 3 miles from Disney, I think Thai Nakorn is a better choice.

                Thai Nakorn Restaurant
                12532 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843

                Renu Nakorn Restaurant
                13019 Rosecrans Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650