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Quartier General?

Anyone been? I'd be interested in some CH reviews (Saw the Mirror and Voir ones). IS it still a popular place?

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  1. Haven't been yet, but to answer your second question, they are open 7 days a week, and last time I called Thursday to try and book a table for the following Sunday they were already full. So yes, it appears it is still popular (considering how ecstatics critics were when they reviewed it, I don't expect that to change anytime soon. In addition to Voir and Mirror, La Presse also had a positive review).

    My better half went with some friends during the week, and said food was good, and considering it is BYO, has a good QPR.

    1. I’ve been there recently with a friend and we both really enjoyed our meal. I had the fish cake as an app, the rabbit as main and the cheesecake, and my friend had (forgot his app) the magret as a main and the nougat glacé as dessert. I think the prices ranged from $25-$32 for the salad or soup and main and if you added $12 you also got the appetizer and dessert. IMO, good QPR.

      1. I'm surprised there are so few posts about this place, especially given the rave reviews (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/743496). I live down the street from this place, and pass by it every night; it's consistently packed. Has anyone else been? I hope to go in the next few weeks, and would love to hear about some of their star dishes.

        1. I hope to try it in the New Year. Even attempting to make a reservation two weeks out, I've had no success!

          1. I went last month with five friends, and thought it was very good. We all went for the main course, plus first course and dessert for an extra $12. As others have said, very good QPR. I had the rabbit, which was described as the restaurant's signature dish. I can't honestly say I loved it - though it tasted lovely, it was rolled and wrapped in a tough rubbery bit of skin. That was my only complaint, food-wise. I also had a beautiful short rib, bison I believe. Others at the table had the steak (excellent) and the grilled octopus (also very good). I'm sorry my memory's a little hazy on the food - we were more about the company and conversation. I do remember the simple salad being really good (a small thing, but a great gauge of a restaurant kitchen as far as I'm concerned) and the creme brulee was the favourite dessert of the table. Service was fine, unobtrusive, but slow. There was a long wait between each course (we arrived at 9pm and didn't get out until 4 hours later). This was not a problem for us but thought it was important to mention here. Perhaps they adjust the pace of service to suit the table - not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. The room is chic and comfortable, but not 'cosy'. It being a Saturday night, and the restaurant hosting one table of 10 plus our table of 6, and every other table full, it was also pretty NOISY. Again, this didn't bother us at all (and the noise tapered off as tables cleared out). I noticed quite a few couples at tables by the windows having a romantic time of it, so they didn't seem bothered either. Unless you're hard of hearing a bit of noise in a restaurant just adds to the feeling of liveliness I think!

            1. We went last night, and I wasn't that impressed.

              We had the corn-cumin soup, which was fine. For entrees, we had the octopus, which our server claimed was better than the octopus at Milos. It certainly wasn't...definitely overcooked, with a texture just like chicken. The pork entree was served on top of a bed of way too salty lentils. The deer tartare was nice, but too peppery.

              The main were the chorizo-stuffed rabbit. It would have been great had it not sat on top of a mountain of mashed beets, which completely overwhelmed the rabbit. The filet mignon was nice, and the veal chop was AMAZING. Would go back for just that dish, the star of the meal.

              Creme brulee was fine, as was the marquis de chocolat.

              In all, it was an okay meal. It seems they missed the mark on some technical things, like overcooking and overseasoning. However, that veal chop is excellent.

              1. I went last night and wasn`t that impressed. Each dish was alright, nothing good, nothing terrible. For starters my friend and I had the crab cake and the suckling pig in phyllo, both were served at room temperature. The pig was sitting atop a (soy?) based sauce. It would have been better if it was drizzled on top because the roll absorbed the salty sauce.

                Mains were the beef topped with cheese, served with a raspberry sauce and mashed pot. and the deer with mushrooms and lentils. Dessert was the cheesecake and chocolate mousse. It just wasn't for us. The place was full though.

                1. Word of warning : I still can't get a reservation there on a short notice basis (72h).

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                    I've tried on 2 occasions to book on a Saturday night for a group of 6 and if you are not calling more than 2 weeks ahead, your attempts are in vain. Learned this the hard way. So yes, I guess it's still very popular.

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                      Now we can get in easier at this popular BYOB as they are open from lunch 11:30-3pm

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                        I went last night with a group of friends and lucked out because we called 48 hours in advance and got a table for 5. My friends had the table d'hôte, which is 12$ for an entree and dessert. It is excellent value since the appetizer is 10$ and the dessert 6$.

                        I was impressed from the start with the cauliflower soup. It was excellent! I had the tataki of blue marlin (not sure about the translation though) and it was good but not wow. It was served with a sauce that was made with yogourt and "fromage de chevre". The combination was not good because it overpowered the delicate fish. One of my friends had the beef tartare but it was just okay.

                        For the entree, I had the beef. It was too salty on certain parts of the filet. Vegetables were lacking. They only put one very small branch of a vegetable called "aspiration" in French. There also was a potato puree that was excellent. The beef came with "mamirole" on top of it. It was okay but the fact that the beef was too salty ruined it for me.

                        As for the desserts, 1 loved her dessert and 2 found them just okay....apple crumble and "nougat glace".

                        I would go back...The service was professional, courteous and friendly. I would try other things on the menu since my entree was a miss but the soup and appetizer were fine. It may not be the best restaurant in town but it is a nice place to go to once in a while.