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Oct 26, 2010 06:57 AM

Best Kitchen Appliance Store in NYC

Can anyone recommend a reputable store in NYC that sells Gas ranges? All I can seem to find is Gringer and Sons, which does not seem to have good online reviews. I am convinced that there has to be more. Thanks!

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  1. Why does it have to be in NY? We got our appliances from a store in NJ that had the best prices and delivered free of charge. Name escapes me at the moment, but I suggest looking for stores in the tri-state area that carry the brands you would like.

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      Second the NJ suggestion...when we lived in NYC we bought appliances in New Jersey. I seem to recall that at that time the options were better and the tax was less.

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        Thanks, any suggestions in NJ would be very helpful.

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          I recommend either Gormann's in Englewood; or Joe D's in Clifton. I've purchased from both stores and have had pleasant experiences. Prices are reasonable and service is reliable.

    2. Drimmers AB on Coney Island Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. They will work with you on price also.

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        Though it's extremely unfashionable, I have always done well at PC Richards.

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          Me too, but I have a friend that swears by Drimmers. I think the deal with them is if you get a model number, they'll order just about anything you want if they don't stock it, and really work with you on the price. Drimmers just a bit too far away from me by train, and PC Richards is much closer:

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            the best online site around to research is great search engine. they also will work with you on price. i find the best approach is to ask them to price out a package deal that includes free delivery.

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              I'd say the OP has some great appliance shopping choices, either here or in NJ.

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        1. Thanks so much, I would up going to Leiberts in White Plains, NY. They delivered and installed in NYC and great service.

        2. After looking at the overpriced options for dishwashers at Gringer and Sons and being frustrated finding a store that carried the brands/models of dishwashers I wanted to see in Manhattan, yesterday I went to Midwood, Brooklyn to Home Everything ( It's on the B train and it is a pleasant walk to the showroom. The salesman gave me an in-store discount and honored the 3% cash back I would have gotten on my credit card if I would have ordered online. I got a good price on my purchase as well.

          That said, this was before I found this site and the Drimmers showroom in Manhattan. The dishwasher is being delivered next week. I'll try and update the experience.

          I'm considering replacing my gas range. I looked at a couple models at the Home Everything showroom yesterday. I'm thinking about the Kitchen Aid Architect Series slide in model even though it's more expensive than the freestanding ranges. I was swooning at the option for ranges and might just have to get one!

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