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Oct 26, 2010 03:36 AM

Oak Room

It was Parent's Weekend at NEU so I chose the Fairmont Copley for our stay. What a great weekend. We had dinner at 7 PM on a Sat. night. Mind you we did not bring "nice" clothes really not thinking too much about dining attire but were welcomed in our "nice" jeans and sweaters. We had an odd table, a two top dining side by side facing everyone. It worked ok for us since we were mother daughter but had we been a couple it did not lend itself to romance. An older man came over, Frank and quietly welcomed us. Later we learned he was a waiter. The waiters wear suit jackets. We had Pellegrino, D had rib eye with truffle mac and cheese and I had the 2 pound lobster and spinach. Service was efficient and the dining room was relatively calm and serene despite being full. The bread basket was your typical with a lovely assortment. D's rib eye was massive and she proclaimed cooked perfectly. She ate a 1/4 of the steak. My lobster was fine..tasted exactly like the fresh out of the water 2 pounder I had in Saba this summer. Spinach was laced with chopped garlic. We passed on dessert but Frank brought D a little blue serving of cotton candy.

We had breakfast the day of check out. A little less efficient in that over 10 tables needed to be cleared and we had to wait 10 min. Not a biggee but we were in a bit of a hurry. Kenneth was our server and was wonderful. D had a Finagle Bagle and lox and I had oatmeal and berries. The fresh juice was delicious.

This is a pricey hotel spot but both meals were enjoyable.

Oak Room
138 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

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  1. My family loves having our fancy holiday dinner here each year, and I'm glad to hear it delivered for you and your mom. I've found that the younger servers are more to our liking than the older ones, who tend to be either too overbearing or devoid of personality. Two years ago, one of the hostesses spilled a glass of ice water all over my sister, acted like it was my sister's fault, and our (older) server didn't acknowledge the incident at all even though he witnessed it. That disappointed us enough to skip the OR the following year, but we've decided to try again this year. My parents really love it, and I have to admit that I love the setting (and not having to foot the bill)!

    1. My brother has heard that their beef is really good and wants to go for a steak dinner.

      What is the atmosphere like? Is it stuffy? Lots of older people?

      I think there are better places in Boston for a good piece of beef but if that's what he wants who am I to argue!

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        It is perhaps more formal than many other steak-houses in Boston, and does attract an older crowd. However, my wife and I (in 30s) have always felt very welcome, and I think the service is among the best in Boston, and certainly the best of any steak house.

        The bone-in ribeye is their best steak, and I would heartily recommend it: it's excellent and tasty, but perhaps has less of a 'pedigree' than many of the steak joints in town, which like to tell you which cow it came from.

        From other posts, you can see that I'm a fan. Some on this board really don't like the place. The sides can be greasy, and the portions are huge: so don't waste money ordering a starter.


        1. re: trueblu

          there was a family next to us with 3 small kids..the rest were couples 50+. A few ladies dressed to the nines in glitter and mink..lots of two tops with older couples not talking much...I saw a mom and son as well. I went with my 18 year old. I don't eat meat but my D loved hers which was the bone in rib eye...

        2. re: mtm7654

          I took my boyfriend there for his birthday last year. I may have been the only twentysomething in the room, but we had a really good time and it didn't feel stuffy -- our waiter teased me about my drink order. We had gone to Grill 23 the previous month for my birthday, and I found the Oak Room to be much, much better in terms of food, service, and atmosphere. (Atmosphere is of course subjective -- if I'm going to get dressed up and put on makeup and drop a bunch of money on dinner, I want to hear the person I'm eating with.)

          But, if you want to see and be seen, the Oak Bar is more lively and offers the full menu.

          Grill 23 & Bar
          161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

          Oak Room
          138 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA 02116