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Oct 26, 2010 12:18 AM

Solo dinner at a Steak House.......but which one?

Ok, so I'll be in Vegas next week for work and will be dining solo until the wife and in laws fly in on the weekend. They're not big meat eaters, so I figured I'd check out a steak house without them. Any recs on which ones offer full menu's at the bar? I was thinking of either Cut, Carnevino, or Craftsteak, but I'm not sure if the full menu is offered at the bar. Please let me know what you think. I've never been to any of the 3, but have read/heard good things about all of the above. Does any one place stand out, and if so, why. Thanks in advance

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  1. Cut is my favorite and I believe they offer a full menu at the bar.. I'm not positive though.. Cut is an all around great restaurant.. Everything I have had there has been executed perfectly.. Definitely my top choice..

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      Thanks for the reply. I've been so busy at work so I haven't really had a chance to call any of the above mentioned Steak Houses to see if they offer full menus at the bar. I thought I read somewhere on here that CraftSteak does, but can't seem to find where I saw that. I think my first 2 choices would be Carnevino and Cut, and then if not CraftSteak, although I doubt I could go wrong with either. Just hoping to see if any others here know about the menu situation. Thanks again

      Steak House
      2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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        I'd be surprised if there were any steak houses that didn't serve the full menu at the bar if you asked.

        I've had regular menu items from Cut, Delmonico and Stripsteak in the bar. I've seen others order menu items at Crafsteak in the bar.

        I second the recommendation for Cut.

    2. Are you going to get a bad steak at any of these places? No. Check out the websites and work backwords from the side dishes and appies. The list that you like best is the one most likely to make you happy. BTW, Craftsteak has a positively AWESOME scotch list and the "scotch rock" ROCKS. Hence, I'd put my butt down there. The real missteak (spelling intended) would be to order a wonderful piece of hoof and order it well done.

      1. As you have identified outstanding choices(and pretty much the best LV has to offer), you might consider what you would personally prefer. During the week, and to think of it the weekend as well, the bars will be the most crowded at cut and craftsteak followed by carnevino. Each location will offer the full menu(to the barkeep's delight), so if atmosphere is of any concern perhaps that should be a factor. If you are looking for a more low-key scene I might go to Carnevino, very personable(in a professional way) and generous-quite enjoyable if you want to have a good steak, watch a game, etc. If you are looking for more of a social scene, Cut is the answer as the lounge is busy pretty much every night its open. As fishyak stated, you will have a great meal at cut or carnevino, so it may come down to your personal preference in scene, sides, and libations.

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          Thanks for the insight on the atmosphere/feel factor. I never really thought about that. I think personally, I'd prefer a more low key feel, so maybe Carnevino might be a better choice for me. I'm thinking of heading there on Monday night (when I arrive in Vegas.) Thanks again for your guys input

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            I love CUT and they have a nice whiskey list as well. However, I am a frequent solo steakhouse diner when I travel for business, etc. and I wouldn't recommend CUT's bar/lounge for you. It is a cool lounge and great for chilling with friends or a date, but to eat dinner - not so much.

        2. I went to cut solo and sat in the main restaurant last week, service was great, the steak overdone.

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            That's a shame about the overdone steak. Did you send it back? I plan to dine solo at CUT when I return to LV in April. I dined there last year with my sister and the food was delicious (both steaks were prepared med-rare as requested). Sides were wonderful too! Service was very attentive. They gave the two of us one of their big booths instead of the tables for 2.

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              What ellen said - I highly recommend Craftsteak and can't wait to go back.

              They went out of their way to prepare special vegetarian dishes for my youngest son and several that weren't on the menu, they made up for him. We did the chef's choice menu for 7 folks and it was an event. The runners were pleased. Our waiter, Eric, was outstanding.

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              i've eaten at CUT 3 times. love it, but every time my medium rare steak is slightly overcooked. not enough to ruin the meal, or cause me to send it back -- and the staff makes it clear that they will gladly replace it for me if i wish -- but noticeable. the last time i mentioned this to the server. she said the cooking technique has somehting to do with that. the steak is "finished" on a thouseand degree fire or some such thing. anyway, the lesson for all is to order your steak at CUT one level rarer than you might otherwise like it.

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                I had read about the problem of medium-rare being served somewhat overdone; neither my sister nor I had this problem with our steaks (I had the kobe; she had the wagyu). I'm looking forward to my return visit to CUT in April.

            3. For steak in Vegas I have only eaten at Stripsteak and really enjoyed it. It is one of the very few times that I got my steak the requested rare. The sides were also very good as were the complimentary duck fat fries and focaccia. If you like an aged steak they also had 4 week dry aged ribs in the display window.