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Oct 25, 2010 09:44 PM

White sweet potato mash was starchy!

I bought some lovely white sweet potatoes and thought it cube, steam, and mash them just like I do with the orange colored ones. Instead of the usual chipotle I added chopped chives from my garden and plenty of butter. The flavor was fantastic but the texture was way too starchy even with all that milk and butter.
So I'm wondering what other application I could use these in, as the flavor was great. Should I fry them?
Also, will the leftover mash be good fried as pancakes?

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  1. Those white sweet potatoes contain more starch than Idaho (or other commons varieties) potatoes. Sweet potatoes are availablel as white, yellow and orange (Yams) and even shades or purple purple) and the orange varieties or grown for specifically for their low starch content. The white varieties are, IMO, more like plantains than sweet potatoes.
    I've never fried mashed fried sweet potatoes but they fry plantains so why not give it a try.

    1. Do you mean incorporated into a pancake mix? I can't see why it wouldn't work. Or, do you mean made into patties and fried? Because to my mind, that would work too, especially if you add some bacon bits and shredded cabbage to the mixture: a different sort of bubble-and-squeak patty. Or you could do a variation on arancini, by molding your potatoes around a cube of mild cheese, and crumbing it and flash-frying them.

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        Ooh those are all good suggestions! I'm not one to throw away leftovers that didn't work out...