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Oct 25, 2010 08:25 PM

Not to miss restaurants in Florence, Sienna , Orvieto and surrounding

Leaving Thursday for 2 week trip. Will be based in above cities/towns but venturing out to surrounding areas. We LOVE food and wine, don't like to eat ALOT of food and pay outrageous prices. More interested in eating local and taking in the ambience. Have received several recommendations but would appreciate any input!!!!

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  1. Please be sure to do a search for all 3 cities (and for Tuscany as well) in the search box in the upper right hand corner of this page. You will find many, many comments on all 3 cities already here for you to review. After Rome & Venice, Florence probably gets more comments on this board than any other city in Italy.

    1. For Siena, I highly recommend Antica Osteria Da Divo. The restaurant itself is carved out of the volcanic rock on which the city is built giving it a cellar like feeling. The food is fantastic and make sure someone at your table orders the risotto. It is finished table side inside a wheel of parmesan cheese.

      I'm not alone in praising this place either. Noted author and food critic Michael Ruhlman (Next Iron Chef Judge, Co-Author of French Laundry Cookbook) mentioned it on his blog as one of the finer meals he had in Italy this past spring.

      It doesn't get much press on this blog, but if you are in Siena, I can't recommend it heartily enough.

      1. It might help in your searches to know that Siena is generally spelled with one N.

        1. How wonderful and I hope you have a super trip. Re Siena I would recommend the following:- il Caroccio, L'Osteria, Grotta di Santa Caterina da Bagoga, L'Aquila and Le Campane. I used to love Papei but the last time I went standards had slipped. Le Logge is good too but i haven't been since 2006 so I might be a little out of date. Also il Capitani is pretty good too....there is one other place I was recommended to go to by my hotel and I can't remember the name but I will post tomorrow. I was most recently in Siena in August 2009 so I don't think that these suggestions would be too much out of date. Nanini's is great for Aperitivi and to try panforte (although not at the same time!); Enoteca i Terzi good for a pre dinner drink as are all the bars in the Campo (but go elsewhere for dinner). Ask for a campari bitter and soak in the atmosphere. Of the suggestions for dinner the most expensive restaurants would be Le Campane and il Caroccio but even then they are reasonably priced compared with major Italian cities.....

          1. for Siena- i just returned yesterday- take my word for it - don't miss:

            taverna san giuseppe
            Grotta si Santa caterina da Bagoga

            ... all excellent

            i heard le logge is excellent but i did not dine there