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Oct 25, 2010 07:17 PM

Dessert and coffee in London?

Does anyone know of any nice coffee and dessert places besides Symposium and Demetre's in London? They don't have to be cafe's... we're just looking for a nice cozy place to enjoy something sweet.

Thank you!

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  1. Caffe Demetre has been closed for a few weeks. I've heard good things about the two Coffee Culture locations (one on Richmond Row and the other on Dundas near Wellington).

    1. There's a Nova Era Portuguese bakery located on Egerton near the Western Fairgrounds. Might not be what you're looking for ambiance-wise. Great custard tarts, and lots of other desserts, and tables where you can sit and have your dessert and a coffee.

      Another place you could go for dessert and coffee during the day is the Covent Garden Market. They have 2 coffee shops, a cupcake shop, International Bakery (selling some Italian pastries), a burek shop selling apple burek, as well as places selling ice cream and chocolates. Not exactly cozy, but a nice place to have a coffee and dessert.

      The desserts at Coffee Culture are roughly the same quality as what you'd get at Symposium or Second Cup.

      Some other places you might want to check out:
      the Black Walnut Bakery Cafe in Wortley Village which is only open during the day .
      I've eaten their squares and tarts which were some of the best I've had in London, but I've never visited their bakery cafe.

      the Red Door Cafe in Hyde Park. Here's a story about the Red Door Cafe:
      Haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

      the Bag Lady Variety on Pall Mall- which sells sandwiches and baked goods, coffee, and has some seats. Have heard good things from foodie friends, again this place is only open during the day.

      Billy's Downtown Deli on Dundas if you're looking for a slice of pie and a coffee.

      Another place that has a nice ambiance is On the Fork at Museum London. Interesting desserts and a great view of the river. I would think some people go there just for dessert, rather than a whole meal.

      On The Fork
      421 Ridout St N, London, ON N6A5H4, CA

      Billy's Downtown Deli
      113 Dundas St, London, ON N6A1E8, CA

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      1. re: phoenikia

        I live around the corner from Bag Lady Variety and never knew it even existed. I am very intrigued by the photos on their website, I will have to make a special trip.

        I haven't found a lot of sweets that I love at the Covent Garden Market, but I bet the apple burek would be delicious, based on their savoury bureks. I had two very underwhelming cookies from the "international" bakery today. Nothing there looks very exciting either.

        I haven't really enjoyed my experiences at the cupcakes place either in the market, but if you do get one, I definitely recommend the ones with less icing. This is coming from someone who loves icing!

        Has anyone tried Razzle Dazzle cupcakes on Horton?

        1. re: ms. cornbread

          I've had Razzle Dazzle cupcakes a few times. They are very good indeed, IMHO. Moist and flavourful. Generous amount of icing, not too sweet. Extraordinary range of flavours and the ones I've sampled have all been great.

          HOWEVER, they are really big and expensive--a special occasion treat for sure. Every time I visit my mother in London, I try to get over to Razzle Dazzle. might be time to visit Mom again.

          1. re: AverageJo

            Thanks for the feedback AverageJo. I'll try them out, I've really been craving a good cupcake. And I'm not a big fan of overly sweet icing. They have an amazing selection of flavours, hopefully when I go they have a great rotation of flavours on!

            1. re: ms. cornbread

              I had a chocolate orange cupcake from Hey Cupcake! on Oxford and Wharncliffe and found it moister and not too sweet.. would suggest giving them a try as well.

              1. re: ibbileyta

                Yum, chocolate orange, that's not a combination I've ever tried in a cupcake. It's a little bit more out of the way for me since I'm without a car, but I'll trek it for food. Anything else good in that general vicinity?

                1. re: ms. cornbread

                  Manna Grill (Korean restaurant) is across the street - have not tried personally but reviews have been favourable.
                  Asia Gourmet is in the same plaza - we thought it was ok, but other Asian diners seem to like it.

                  Asia Gourmet
                  275 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H2C1, CA

                  Manna Grill
                  276 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H2C3, CA

                2. re: ibbileyta

                  Like I said above - try Razzle Dazzle chocolate orange. It's the best you'll ever try.

                  1. re: cupcake1lover

                    Not quite comparable - one is chocolate orange cake with chocolate icing, the other is chocolate cake with orange icing.

              2. re: AverageJo

                I also have had Razzle Dazzle and other cupcakes in London. Razzle Dazzle have the largest variety of flavours and the moistness and freshness is amazing! The others don't come close. Also, along with the fantastic taste and moistness, they are the least expensive of the cupcake shops in London.

              3. re: ms. cornbread

                Haven't tried Razzle Dazzle, but I also like Hey Cupcake, on Western Rd just n of Oxford, in the strip plaza behind the Starbucks. I had a lemon filling-filled cupcake that was a little more interesting than most commercial cupcakes, with a nice, moist cake, but I admit I'm not really into cupcakes. Hey Cupcake sells good cookies.

                International Bakery has been around for years. It's an Italian-Canadian-owned bakery and I'd guess Canadian style cookies are not their forte. The original location is on Hamilton Rd, and the market is their second outpost, selling mostly Italian and Canadian sweets and breads, so don't expect "International" baked goods. It opened a long time ago, at a time when Italian was as "International" as London cuisine got.

                The Apple Burek probably are not worth a special trip to the market, but are a good bet if you're already in the market, and decent for the low price they're charging.

            2. I usually find something to fill my sweet cravings at Angelo's. It's more of an upscale grocery store than a cafe but they have a place to sit. I'm not into coffee so I can't speak to that. William's coffee downtown has some nice sweets too but they're awfully pricey in my opinion.

              1. Cakewalkers. 125 King St,.....

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                1. re: Sacherboy

                  Cakewalkers was sold over a year ago, and the new owner does not have the classic European training the previous owner had. Desserts and pastries are not nearly as tasty or beautiful as they were under the previous ownership, unfortunately. The cookies I bought at Cakewalkers last Christmas had a certain taste that I associate with cheap shortening, whereas the previous owner always used butter.