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Oct 25, 2010 06:24 PM

Those Little Silver edible Balls (Dragees) - Who sells them around Chicago or near Suburbs?

Those little silver balls that are put on cakes and cookies. Who sells them around the Chicago area? Anyone know?
I know there are many online stores, but I would like to buy them in person.

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  1. Michael's should carry them.

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    1. re: ferret

      I've looked, but have not found them there.

    2. Sur la Table carries a full line of the dragees, as they are known. It may say they are for decoration only but they are completely made of sugar and perfectly edible. This is their disclaimer in case you break a tooth! Three locations: Naperville, South Barrington and Lincoln Park.

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      1. re: Laurie55

        May be my last attempt. Has anyone tried Tom Thumb in Evanston? I think someone saw them there, but it was some years back.

        1. re: SilverSoul

          I think I saw them last year at the Fresh Market in the Edens Plaza in Wilmette, but I have a suspicion they might have been a holiday item and not regularly stocked. But it's not too far from Evanston.

          1. re: SilverSoul

            Yes, I remembered that too and checked since I was in the area. So yes, Tom Thumb in Evanston does still carry them
            and it was $1.39 for a vile so YAY!

              1. re: SilverSoul

                Glad you found them. For general information, I saw them this weekend at Sur la Table on North Ave. in the city.

          2. I'm pretty sure you can get them at Jewel.

            1. Wilton Homewares Store in Darien