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Oct 25, 2010 05:51 PM

Top Chef vs. Next Iron Chef

How do you think that the Voltaggio brothers, Kevin Gillespie, Jen Carrol, or Richard Blais would do against Canora, Forgione, Caswell, and Tsai.

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  1. i think Michael V would kick ass, and i'd expect/hope that Blais would do extremely well given his talent and his wealth of experience in Kitchen Stadium. i don't know that Bryan V has the speed/energy to crank it out the way he'd need to, though he certainly has the talent! Kevin & Jen Carroll might not have the range & versatility they'd need to advance very far in the competition.

    1. That would be the best show ever. Some intern at FN just wrote that down and pitched it.

      1. Are the contestants on the NICA sequestered like on Top Chef?

        I know that Tsai, Caswell, Forgione, et al. aren't probably sharing a big loft somewhere in downtown LA, right? Or are they?

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          I find it unlikely that they would want to share a loft somewhere in L.A. Can you imagine all those egos in one room or in a confined space? Madness will probably ensue.

          1. re: attran99

            Other than Ming Tsai, are any of the other chefs on NIC more well regarded than the Voltaggios, Kevin Gillespie, Jen Carroll, etc.? I don't know if Forgione, Estes, et all have more ego than the TC contestants. I do like that they don't show all the personal drama of TC on the Next Iron Chef. I don't need to see contestants making out.

            I think those contestants have shown they can think quickly on their feet, as well as the contestant on NIC.

            1. re: chowser

              Yeah, I don't think the NICA contestant are confined for X number of weeks like TC, but I think that's what separates the two shows and will in many ways determine which type of chef can succeed in either type of competition.

              With TC, you're going to have these "Lord of the Flies" and Survivor type cliques and all this human drama (pea puree, anyone?), so beyond just cooking acumen, you have to be able to navigate all those other, extraneous "people" issues.

              With NICA, it's just about the cooking. Easier to succeed in. Cook, compete, go home and make love to your SO. Repeat for 10+ weeks. Etc.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                NIC has that constraining limit of EC has to be done in 60 minutes. I am more used to TC variety, so 60 minutes EC all the time is getting a bit old Yes, I know 60 minute is kitchen stadium constraint.

                1. re: dach

                  TC has time constraints too, just not 60 minutes. Usually, for example, it's like 3-5 hours to prep (not incl. shopping time), and then 1 hour to setup at the serving/presentation locale.

                  Also, while the challegnes on ICA is 60 minutes, some of the elimination challenges on NICA is not 60 minutes.

        2. I haven't been impressed with what the Next Iron Chef contestants have been producing so far. I think any of those Top Chef-ers would do pretty well.