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Oct 25, 2010 04:57 PM

Homemade kimchi cucumbers aren't crunchy

Hey guys,

Made my own kimchi at home. The cabbage came out fine, but the cucumbers were mushy (well atleast half of them were). Is this because i forgot to salt them in the beginning? When I salt the veges they wilt though.


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  1. one of two explainations:
    They are over ripe, it goes mushy if you keep them too long or (more likely reason) you did not salt properly. When you salt it does go a little limp but it retains crunch for a long time (think pickles).

    I also tend to stay away from most cuke varieties except kirby (which is widely available) and korean (which as you guessed the best for this). I have used english hot house cukes and japanese but it doesn't come out as cruchy or good.


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      You were right, it's cause i didn't salt them. My second batch is MUCH crunchier. However, now they are way too salty. I took the cucumbers and just threw salt ( a lot of it) on them and left it overnight.

      Is it better to leave them in a salt solution? And for how long?


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