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Oct 25, 2010 04:52 PM

La Flaca on the LES - quick review

For the four or five of you breathlessly awaiting word on the new New Mexican restaurant that opened recently on Grand St., replacing Two Boots, I can report that it needs work. On the plus side, there were complimentary chips and salsa (which should be a given, but sadly is often not), and the salsa had a nice kick to it. Service was friendly and efficient. As a neighborhood resident, I got a free frozen margarita, which was very good - not too sweet, and quite strong. So good I might actually return to pay for one, and I'm not normally a frozen margarita fan.

On the minus side - alas, the food. I had the vegetarian chicken burrito with diced green chiles. The temperature of the burrito was distressing, as it was served cool. And very dry. I like my burritos sloppier. Put some sauce in there, or beans, or something, and melt the cheese, so that the flavors come together. This was like a rather bland salad wrapped in a flour tortilla. I would love for this place to get better, and I sincerely hope that it does.

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  1. i ate here recently and found the food to be all but inedible and WAAAAAY overpriced. not to mention that the layout/ambience was completely unsettling.
    highly UN-recommended

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      I'm not sure what your objection is to the layout. La Flaca's identical to the Two Boots it replaced: bar, tables, nothing really out of the ordinary. The ambience is a little odd, though, in that the bar area has a very different feel (so hip! so now!) from the table area (kidskidskids).

      I went back for margaritas - still good. And nachos - not worth $8. Not really even worth $4.