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Oct 25, 2010 04:30 PM

Great Clean place for Mole, Cabrito and Yucatan food in West San Jose

Found a great small place near my office, Tu Mero Mole. Here is a map link;


Whats so Good?
1) Clean
2) Very fresh homemade Mole, Cabrito(goat), slow cooked potk, real red snapper from the gulf in the tacos
3) Tortillas made in house
4) Salsa bar with great peanut slasa, pickled onions, escabeche and grilled jalapenos as well as traditional salsas

Nice colorful bright place. Really good and helpful staff. Sort of borders taqueria and restaurant. Food come quick and they have a bit more than a simple taqueria. Locally i have been a number of times to Andale, burrito factory, Chipolte, Adelita's, una mas etc.. and this place really shines.

Tu Mero Mole
2041 Woodard Rd, San Jose, CA 95124

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  1. Wow, I live in the neighborhood and thought for once I'd have a scoop on Chowhound, but I was too slow! Actually, it turns out this restaurant has been open for a year, but it's totally hidden from the main streets in this area. Just a few weeks ago they put out a sign on Union, and that's what tipped me off.

    I really feel the previous poster was not emphatic enough - this is really good, fresh, authentic Mexican food - in a neighborhood where the main competition is Chipotle. It's no hole in the wall, but a bright and charming small space run by a husband (chef) and wife ("front of house," meaning the cashier). The wife is particularly friendly and charming.

    The menu is broad, with the usual tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, plus Tex-Mex fajitas. But notably, the specialties include a sort of Greatest Hits of Mexican regional cuisine: the Jalisco-style cabrito mentioned by the OP, cochinita pibil from the Yucatan, mole poblano from Puebla, and camarones a la veracruzana. The mole is remarkably good, indescribably complex as good moles are, bathing a tender boneless and skinless half breast of chicken. The Veracruz-style shrimp are smallish but perfectly cooked, in a piquant sauce of tomato, olives, capers and onions.

    Tortillas are made in-house (you can see a little wooden press behind the counter), as are salsas (about half a dozen including the aforementioned peanut), and aguas frescas. Aguas frescas change daily - their horchata is wonderfully refreshing, slightly gritty from ground rice and won't give you a sugar headache like the kind from a mix; coconut is also delicious.

    The one ding I'd give is that the black beans were a tad salty and tasted almost kind of musty - not spoiled, just odd. But the pinto beans were creamy and good.

    Tu Mero Mole
    2041 Woodard Rd, San Jose, CA 95124

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      Oh, I forgot to mention that I mentioned to the wife/co-owner that I was surprised that there was only one mole dish on the menu, considering the restaurant's name; she explained that "Tu mero mole" is an expression that loosely means "to your satisfaction" or "to your taste."

      1. re: Cicely

        Thanks for the additional info. Really interesting that they're taking a greatest hits approach. Wonder where the owners are from, maybe DF. Sometimes too much epazote will give beans a moldy taste, next batch might be different.

        (P.S. I've got kind of a scoop too, guess I better get to it.)

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          yeah, the epazote thing occurred to me as I saw in one of my cookbooks that it's often used in black beans (which are apparently more commonly used in the Yucatan than pintos), but I didn't think the beans tasted like epazote - maybe you're right and the amount was off, or it was overcooked or something.

        2. re: Cicely

          Update: The "cochinita yucateca" is not the cooked-in-a-banana-leaf cochinita pibil. It's chunks of pork smothered in a distinctly tangy chile sauce - also delicious.

        3. I finally made it here and it's as good as advertised. I really liked my Jalisco goat dish - boneless shreds in a nicely spiced tomato-y sauce, still oh-so-goaty-rich - and the Cochinita Yucateca was delicious as well. Great tortillas, a fine selection of salsas, and good watermelon agua fresca rounded out the meal.


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            We've been here a couple of times recently and also liked it quite a bit. I second the recommendation on the goat (cabrito). The carne asada is a cut above, caldo de pollo tasty with a welcome bunch of veggies within. My wife liked the chile rellenos. The second time, I ordered some grilled veggies, which were fine and spicy, if not otherwise memorable. We tasted a few other things, too, including the fish tacos and the mole (not as part of a dish) all of which were good.

          2. When I search for the address using Google maps, it drops a pin right about at Rangoli restaurant. Is it in the shopping center where Rangoli is? Or is it that little shopping center behind Rangoli, with the "Nowhere Bar & Grill"?

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            1. re: teela brown

              Yes, it's in the same shopping center as the Nowhere Bar & Grill, a few doors down to the left. There are signs up now on both Union and Woodard to make it easier to find given how it's tucked away there.