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Oct 25, 2010 04:29 PM

Anyone been to Birks cafe?

I haven't had a chance to try high tea at Birks cafe yet. Anyone been there?

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  1. I have not gone there but there was a review from Thierry Daraize in Le journal de Montreal this past Saturday and the review listed the food as excellent.

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      I forgot to say that in his review, Daraize said that the clientele is mostly women.....I am giving guys a heads up:)

    2. I also have not been, but Phillippe Molle also gave it a nice review in Le Devoir several weeks back. It's definitely on my list of places to try!

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        there was an interesting article in saturday la presse talking about how meats, fish, some veggies are cooked slowly in plastic at mother restaurant and then transported to birks cafe to be reheated to avoid cooking smells in the store...also the slow temperatures tenderize the meats

      2. Went a few days ago. The ambiance is great. I had the mackerel for starters - it was fresh but lacked flavour. The pasta with wild mushroom and truffle on the other hand was excellent. The ice cream creations are definitely not worth it and at $13.50 a pop, they are extremely expensive.

        A little overpriced although the food is better than other places in the area.

        1. I took my mother there for coffee the other morning. We sat by the twinkling Christmas trees (!) and admired the beautiful glass displays. The lunch menu looked very nice but we were too early, so cappuccinos and a verrine it was. The praline verrine consisted of a sickly sweet mousse surrounding a half macaroon with a couple of chopped hazelnuts thown in for good measure, served in a large thimble.
          2 cappuccinos + thimble verrine = $17 and change
          I've read the very good reviews for the lunch menu and will have to go back to try, but not for coffee!

          1. I had the High tea meal at 6pm on a Friday and the place was not full. we got 3 canapés on toast, a half mini club sandwich, a verrine, a piece of chocolate, a macaron, scones and jam.

            I didn't care much for the Christophe Morel chocolate or the club sandwich but the verrine was very good.