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Oct 25, 2010 03:45 PM

Loong Toh Heen, Hullett House, HK - How's the food especially the Dim Sum?

I first notice this 'relatively new' Cantonese restaurant whilst eating at St. George during my last trip to HK. I was meaning to ask this question after I returned home but totally forgot! Better late than never! Call this my super early preliminary research/planning for our next 'Annual HK chowmeet' venue?! Ha!!

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  1. Sorry! The name should be ' Loong Toh Yuen'!!

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      My sister (M'sian, lived in HK for > 50 years) and brother-in-law (Hongkie, sorry - Hong Konger) went there early this year. They were absolutely bowled over by the ambience, very nice & beautiful. But dinner was disappointing, so much that my sister can't even remember exactly the dishes they ordered, except to say that they can find better restaurants by the dozens in Tsimshatsui (oh, dear!). They had never been back since, even though some of their friends said the dim sum at lunch was better than the dinner, although quite expensive by HK standards.
      My sis' family live in Mid-Levels, so they rarely make the trip across the harbour for a meal, preferring Central, Wanchai and Causeway Bay. And she opined that Loong Toh Yuen is definitely not suitable for Chowhounds' get together! Her personal favourite is Tim's Kitchen.