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Oct 25, 2010 01:14 PM

Where to buy caviar in San Diego?

Where is a good place to find reasonably priced and fresh caviar in San Diego? I am making soft boiled eggs with caviar.

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  1. Costco will often carry caviar in the seafood section, especially during the holiday season.

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      and Costco has 7 caviar choices online now - and most of the year...shipping is included in the price, but it takes about 5 days to get it delivered. Because it is fresh.

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        2nd that, last year I got 2oz of segruva with a mother of pearl spoon for $72.00, a steal!

      2. Almost forgot... Try Kalinka European Deli in Solana Beach. It's a family-run Russian Deli. 858-350-6443.

        1. whole foods and trader joes often have it. At WF it is in the Deli Cheese counter.

          1. Thanks to all the responses! I ended up going to Whole Foods in Hillcrest and bought two ounces of Sturgeon Caviar for $32.50 each. It was excellent. I also looked online at and it seemed like they had caviar at 30% less than other retailers. If I was more certain of the delivery date, I would have gone with Costco.

            1. Does Costco sell Iranian caviar?
              Love that stuff!

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                Look on
                The selection changes throughout the year; just like items in the store. I think largest selection is now/just before New Year.

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                  Thanks Cathy!
                  Love your horse too..