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Oct 25, 2010 01:08 PM

Bristol, CT area - pizza and other suggestions

Spending this weekend in Bristol with my sister helping my niece move there to work at ESPN. We will be spending the days getting her moved and settled and would love some suggestions for good places to eat in the area. Friday is always pizza night for me so a good pizza place is a must. Would really love it if it were someplace we could get reservations, or at least not have to stand in line forever. Saw that Vito's is on Open Table -- how is it as a place to eat?

Any other ideas for good food? (Went to medical school in the area a long time ago, and I had no money so never ate out around there). Ethnic OK but not first choice. Similarly, don't want to go especially high end; just want some non-chain, local place ideas. THANKS for any help!

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  1. How far are you willing to drive, and what's your preferred style of pizza?

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      Given that we will likely be moving and hauling all day, probably not more than 10 or 15 minutes. I'm perfectly happy with both thin crust and deep dish!

      Thanks to hotwing for the suggestion about Joey Garlics. Does anyone know anything about Vito's? They take reservations on Open Table, which is always a plus when coming from out of town.

      Joey Garlic's
      372 Scott Swamp Rd, Farmington, CT 06032

    2. Just over the Bristol line on Rt.6 in Farmington is Joey Garlics. Good pizza and plenty of other choices. Also very reasonable prices. You might remember it when it was Rozzini's a few years back.

      Joey Garlic's
      372 Scott Swamp Rd, Farmington, CT 06032

      1. Cava's is a very solid Italian restaurant just down the street from ESPN (technically in Southington, just over the line from Bristol). I've had excellent entrees there but I've never tried the pizza. There are three Vito's on Open Table. I've had good meals at Vito's By the Park and Vito's By the Water but have never been to Vito's Pizzeria which is in New Britain. Assume it would be good though based on the other Vito's. Another good pizza place is Randy's Wooster Street pizza on Queen Street in Southington, about ten minutes from ESPN....(much closer than Vito's New Britain) nice New Haven style pizza. If you're in the mood for other cuisines, you might want to try the Cottage or Confetti (right next to each other in Plainville). They are both casual but Cottage is more gourmet and Confetti has (among other things) a nice selection of fresh fish entrees. Let us know how you make out. Enjoy!

        Vito's By the Park
        26 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT 06103

        Vito's By the Water
        1936 Blue Hills Avenue Ext, Windsor, CT 06095

        Cava Restaurant
        1615 West St, Southington, CT 06489

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          Also for your consideration.....Anthony Jack's in downtown Southington....variety of entrees including fresh fish, pasta, steaks....

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            You took the words right outta my mouth.

            I've also heard good things about The Fire Place, the pizza place right next to Anthony Jack's.

            Fire Place
            44 Center St, Southington, CT 06489

        2. Thanks all. Will report back!

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            We made it to Garlic Jack's on Friday which was a good choice for the evening. Wait for dinner at 7 pm about 20 minutes. Food mostly perfectly good (pizza only so so) and portions were HUGE! Really enough food for 2 - all of them. Service quite good and it fit the bill quite nicely. We had reservations for Anthony Jack's for Saturday but then the Giants won the playoffs and were in the world series, so we wen to Sliders, a sports bar in Plainfield. Food also pretty decent for a sports bar with good service and very accomodating staff. They sat us (me the SF resident) right in front of the TV and checked in periodically. The last night we were all so tired we ended up at the restaurant at the Farmington Marriott (my family are not really foodies) , which was actually quite good.

            Thanks again all for suggestions.