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Oct 25, 2010 01:01 PM

Looking for a great crispy fish coating for deep fry

Please do not include bisquick stuff...I wiil want to add sesame seeds at times and also poppyseed, coconut , pure lemon pepper etc.

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  1. do you mean homemade? I've had great success using Louisiana Kitchen's "Fish and Shrimp Fry". It comes in a little cello bag. My supermarket has a Southern products section, so that's where I find mine - ask around at your grocery. I have added extras to this many a time.

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    1. re: mamachef

      Thank you but I don't have that available in Canada...I was looking for a recipe homemade. But, could you please give me the ingredients to the Louisiana Kitchen's Fish and Shrimp Fry. It could help me to make one up...

      1. re: flyfishbigfish

        Sure!! A/P flour, finely ground cornmeal, a dash of sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder....the key is, you mix half the mix with water and batter the fish, and then roll it in the remainder of the dry mix. Meanwhile, I'll be looking in the files for something homemade. I have lots of friends who just roll it in seasoned cornmeal, but there may be some secrets out there that I haven't uncovered yet...

    2. I use fine ground corn meal, Guinness stout, and powdered chipotle for a shrimp / fish batter that crisps up nicely. I have tried adding coconut but it gets tricky.

      1. A friend of mine swears by rice flour batter for an extra-crispy coating.

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          Another trick is to sub cornstarch in for part of the flour. Even half isn't too much. Learned it from a Korean friend who uses it every time and makes the best deepfried whatever, ever.

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            Cornstarch is what makes Japanese "kara-age" chicken so darn crispy.

          2. you can also add rice flour to add crispness

            1. Haven't tried it myself, but Anne Burrell claims Mario Batali's secret coating is instant mashed potato flakes.

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              1. re: Bob Brooks

                I've tried that one (from an adapted recipe, I believe) on chicken cutlets. It made for a decent texture vis-a-vis crispness, but it had an undertaste I didn't care for, and I think it was due to whatever preservative is used in the flakes.