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Oct 25, 2010 12:33 PM

Vegetarian dinner for special occasion

A good friend just turned 60 and we want to take him out for a special meal. My husband thought Kitchen 1540 would be great, but our friend checked out the menu and is suggesting George's ("at the Cove," not sure if he means California Modern or the other one).

I was checking out Tapenade, Cucina Urbana, Operacaffe and Bencotto. Love Tapenade, but their sauces all taste like they include veal stock, etc.

Any suggestions are welcome!


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  1. Georges has very good vegetarian options.

    1. George's Cali Modern has a terrific menu for vegetarians and would probably be my #1 pick.
      Other places to consider for a special occasion vegetarian meal:
      - Wesnesday farmers market pre-fixe at Alchemy
      - Market
      - Nine-Ten (they are extremely flexible and happy to accomodate special requests)
      - Mr. As has some choices, and the view cant be beat
      - Cucina Urbana

      1. If you like Tepande, give them a call and see if they'll create a menu for you.

        1. The new chef at Rancho Bernardo Inn has special vegatarian dinners at the El Bizchoco. It seems like he has them every couple of months, and it is a set menu. The menus have looked interesting, but I have not been, I would really like some fish or meat when I dine out.

          1. Call and talk with the Chef at the places you are considering, I am sure they will be helpful. We have had special requests and tasting menu's created at Mille Fleure and Mr. A's.