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Oct 25, 2010 12:20 PM

Kaliber Beer

Went to St Stephen's Green in Spring Lake over the weekend - Had Kaliber beer a n/a beer by Guiness...Does anyone know where in Monmouth County I can buy some for home?

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  1. lists Sallee Tee's as serving Kaliber

    1. Since it is a Diageo brand (Guinness parent company) it's distributed by the Monmouth county Miller-Heineken-Guinness wholesaler, Point Pleasant.

      As such, any liquor store in the county that carries those brands (that is to say, EVERY liquor store) can order Kaliber - and I'd guess many already do stock it since there aren't many NA's on the market. In addition, being a non-alcoholic beer, it is also often stocked by supermarkets in their "misc beverages" section.

      Beer wholesaler don't deal directly with the public, so are often decidedly "un-consumer friendly" but sometimes you can get lucky with a phone call and get someone who'll direct you to one of their retailers who has what you're looking for in stock already- so you could try calling Point Pleasant Distributors, too.

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        Great! Thanks jfedorko & jesskidden