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Oct 25, 2010 12:02 PM

Need Two Places in Stillwater

Business dinner. No more than four of us. Pick two of the following: Marx Fusion Bistro, The Kitchen, Domacin, Phil's Tara Hideaway.

Of the four, I've been to Domacin. Food was fine and prepared very well and safe. Wine list, incredibly extensive, but a little disappointed that a vast majority of options are priced above $50. I'm not saying they are overpriced, but that wines of a lesser price are under-represented on the list. It's definitely a destination restaurant for the wine list. The food could take a bit more risk, and offer a bit more complexity to also put it in the destination category.

Enjoyed Mark Hanson's cooking when he had the restaurant in the Victorian Inn. I assume he's still at the helm of Marx.

Is Jim Kyndberg (Bayport Cookery) still at The Kitchen?

Would Phil's be too loud?

Colleague staying at hotel in Oak Park Heights without car. So not going to go to St. Paul or White Bear Lake only to have to backtrack to drop of colleague before driving myself home to St. Paul. Limiting myself to Stillwater.

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  1. Not sure if Jim Kyndberg is still there, but I'm partial to The Kitchen. The only real miss I have had there is the seafood linguini. That being said, I am not much of a wine drinker. Yes, Phil's would be very loud for a business dinner.

    1. Phil's Tara Hideaway and Marx's are my two favorite restaurants in Stillwater. Phil's may be too loud for a business dinner but I think they have the most consistently great food.

      I haven't been to The Kitchen yet but from the looks of their menu it seems like a place I would thoroughly enjoy. Have some great meals.

      Phil's Tara Hideaway
      15021 60th St N, Stillwater, MN 55082

      1. JIm Kyndberg is no longer at The Kitchen. The food at The Kitchen is good, but service is uneven. Very large space, but not very full.

        Phil's would be too loud, but consistently good "steak-house" type good, with some Mediterranean mixed in.

        Marx is my favorite. The seafood is sourced very well. My friends love the beef (steak or tenderloin). Good wine list - reasonably priced.

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        1. re: chelle

          isn't don saunders, formerly of fugaise, currently at the kitchen?

          1. re: soupkitten

            Isn't that like asking if that one leaf is still on your driveway this morning?

            As of the end of September, Saunders was working on his own new restaurant set to open around 54th and Penn in November.


            1. re: MSPD

              heh. :) --heard about the new place, too-- just wasn't sure if he was still cooking at the kitchen or not

        2. Domacin would be first on my list. See if they offer a half priced wine night.

          1. I would definitely recommend Marx and Phil's; both have consistenly good food and service. One of the worst food experiences I had this past year was at The Kitchen - horrible service and inedible food (we both ordered the prime rib, which came to the table lukewarm at best and super fatty). When we mentioned this (politely - we both worked in the restaurant industry) he basically looked at us like we were ingrates. He brought back our food a few minutes later and it was warmer, but at this point, our experience there was ruined. I will never go there again, nor can I in good conscious, recommend this place.