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Oct 25, 2010 11:41 AM

Opinions on Healdsburg and St. Helena restaurants

We'll be arriving in Healdsburg on Wednesday for 2 nights and read about "BarnDiva Wednesdays" and made a reservation. Any feedback on this and/or recommendations for Thursday in the area? Looking for very good but maybe not over the top... Also, weather isn't supposed to be good for outdoor ambiance.

Friday supposed to be another rainy day and we'll be checking into RustRidge in Chiles Valley so would like to stay close - St. Helena - for dinner. Market sounds like good comfort food for a cold rainy night and doesn't charge corkage and gets good reviews elsewhere but I can't seem to find any opinions here. Saturday night we'll drive further to Bottega - my bf has his heart set on it!

6525 Washington Street Suite A9, Yountville, CA 94599

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  1. Market offers solid/classic american food. It probably doesn't get much mention here because it's not ethnic or esoteric. I go regularly; their fry chicken, mac & cheese and chopped salad are all very good. Eddie and Raymond are the hosts and they are both very friendly.

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      Thank you for your feedback. I'm figuring we're going to be rained on and have had a lot of wine and the lack of a corkage fee is an attraction since I'm sure we will have wine in hand, too! Is it too ordinary for one of only 2 nights in Napa? I'm just concerned about making a reservation outside of St. Helena that night since it will already be a drive from Healdsburg to wineries to our b&b in RustRidge in Chiles Valley where we are staying that night. If it is too plain of a choice, I would welcome other suggestions convenient to where we are staying.

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        Well, it depends on the type of food that you are looking for, it is classic american with a little bit of mexican thrown in occassionally. The chef/owner is hispanic. I think that it will be nice and cozy on a wet night. If you are looking for something a little different, then this may not be the appropriate choice.

        There is also Cindy's back street kitchen and Terra here in town. Terra is a bit more pricey and Cindy is in the same general range. Not sure about their corkage policy. Go Fish is just little south of town, sushi, also owned by Cindy Pawlyn.

        Your b&b is kinda out of the way, so there isn't anything closer, St Helena is probably your best bet.

        Go Fish
        641 Main St, St. Helena, CA 94574