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10 Year Anniversary. Need awesome reco for this Thursday eve!!

My wife and I want really comforting, really delicious and a nice overall experience. It can be casual or it can be slightly more sophisticated.



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  1. Don't discount Campanile. Since it opened, we've gone there every year for our anniversary. (Ask for a table in the back for a little more privacy) I'd give it a solid B+. (that's a grade amortized over the last 20 years.) Check out their website and Happy Anniversary. 10 years is something to celebrate these days.

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      Thanks Steve. Very kind of you to say so. We've been to Campanile a lot and love it. I think we are thinking beyond the classic perennials this year. But, thanks!

    2. Providence or Melisse.
      Do a tasting menu of course.

      1. Happy Anniversary! You should consider Melisse, Ortolan and Providence as top choices.

        5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

        Melisse Restaurant
        1104 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

        8338 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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          I've heard good stuff about Ortolan. Thanks.

        2. I would pick Providence, but doing the Chefs tasting at Hatfields would be a good choice. ask for a booth right in front of the kitchen. it makes for some fun watching! adds a little different element to your dining experience.

          1. I'd say go for the tasting menu at Spago. Spago will be there for your 20th.

            176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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              +1 for Spago.

              176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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                + another 1 for Spago. I think it's gotten a little expensive but still, it's classy and the grub is outstanding. Definitely splurge on the tasting menu.

                176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

            2. we did our 7th at Providence largest tasting menu- WOW, and I heard they have lowered their tasting menu prices!
              our 8th we did at Mozza Mangiara in Famiglia- WOW and fun with nice strangers!

              1. I had the chef's tasting at Hatfield's a few months ago and it was excellent. I'd put it just under Providence in terms of the food experience. It's not as high brow cooking as Providence, but each dish was delicious and the whole experience very enjoyable if you want a slightly more casual setting.


                I would recommend chef's tasting at Bistro LQ for something more exciting and different.


                Mozza Mangiara in Famiglia is an excellent suggestion. They only hold dinners Friday and Saturday night though.


                Bistro LQ
                8009 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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                  Bouchon is my recommendation. Very beautiful and romantic. Food is sublime and sexy.

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                    Did you sit on the patio or inside at Bouchon? I ask because I was wondering if the patio is sexier. To me, the inside had a very Vegas-y hotel sort of feel.

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                      Went to Bouchon last night. I liked this version much better than the Yountville or the Vegas versions. The room reminds me of a Palms Steakhouse decor. The food was very good but I wouldn't put it in the same league as Providence, Hatfields, or even Bistro LQ.

                      We started with oysters and chilled shrimp. Shared a salad of figs, braised baby fennel, pickled sunchokes, and mache. Shared the veal chop with mushrooms and tomato confit and risotto with black burgundy truffles ($28). Food and service was very good but it wouldn't be my choice for a anniversary spot.

                      Bistro LQ
                      8009 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                2. I see a lot of recommendations for Providence in this thread, just like I did two years ago when I was searching for an anniversary restaurant that would knock my wife's sock's off. Our experience there was terrible. Won't recount here, and won't discourage anyone from going there, but just be aware that even a sure thing like Providence doesn't work out for everyone. The lesson that I took from this is that it is better to go to one of your own tried and true restaurants for a truly special occasion, rather than roll the dice on an unknown. Just my two cents.

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                    It's funny you should mention that - we went to Providence a couple years ago for New Year's Eve dinner. I was SO excited based on all of the raving (here and elsewhere) - but it really didn't do much for me after all. It wasn't terrible, but it just wasn't that great - certainly not for the money. I've been meaning to get back to try ordering off the menu (rather than a tasting menu as we had) to see if I like that better, but just haven't quite been able to get enthusiastic enough. So you're not the only one!

                  2. Crustaesans.

                    Make sure you get at least one order of the garlic noodles.
                    If you think you may smell unpleasant later, ask for parsley on the side and chew the heck out of it. Also have some lemon tea.

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                      "If you think you may smell unpleasant later, ask for parsley on the side..."

                      I just make sure both my wife and I dab a little bit behind each others ears before we finish our dinners. Works like a charm... ;-D>

                    2. We just celebrated our 13th anniversary at Hatfield's.

                      Everything was absolutely perfect. We had a late reservation, 8:45, but it worked out beautifully. For a change we had no doggie bags b/c we savored and enjoyed every single bite. Wine was spectacular too.

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                        Are you going to do a "review" that talks about what you ate? If not what were the highlights for you and how much was the food and how much was the wine (if you don't mind me asking)?

                        1. re: Servorg

                          I wasn't planning on it. I suppose it was a worthy experience, however. Here are the highlights:

                          We had a corner booth in the back, very cozy, intimate and I could see the beautiful kitchen. Lighting was phenomenally well done. I say this b/c my DH had to give me a lecture on it since he had an expert witness once ;).

                          The Cucumber Mint Gimlet was divine. My DH scored the recipe from the bartender. Seems easy, will let you know since I am now stocking up on cucumbers to steep.

                          I ordered the "Croque Madame", a signature dish, for a starter. I had been drooling over the downloaded menu for a week. (Our menu was a touch different than what is online.) The sashimi paired with the proscuitto was delicious, and it had a light savory sauce just enough to wet the ingredients that was almost an aioli, on fried brioche with a fried quail egg. My husband ordered the BLT Salad. Pork belly, thick sliced heirloom tomato, fried crouton sticks, probably brioche again, microgreens and a mustardy vinaigrette, it worked very well and he was quite pleased with it, as he is with all things pork belly.

                          He ordered the signature lamb dish, chops that were date and mint crusted with fresh chickpea puree, Extremely tender. I would have gnawed on the bones but he wouldn't let me. I ordered the Berkshire Pork Loin, braised to an OMG-melt in your mouth- tenderness, with red cabbage, and crispy spaetzle, which were very good. Overall A for food. The sommelier was helpful, if a touch quirky. But when he described a French Burgundy as "dreamy" I had to bite. It was a special occasion, after all. It was the '06 Savigny Les Beaune Mongeard Mungeret, which was $88 on our menu. It was "dreamy".

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                            Sounds like a home run (World Series homage) all the way. There is nothing more sublime than melt in your mouth pork loin. Very fair wine pricing too. How much did the food end up running? How would you rate the food for this meal against what you ate at Animal (if you think it's a fair comparison)?

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                              The food ended up around 270 + tax & tip. I may be off a bit, he always handles those details ;)

                              We still adore Animal, tho this felt like a more of a refined meal, tho I think it's the atmosphere that makes it feel a bit dressier; if we lived in the area, I can see going to Animal a bit more regularly. Animal seems a tad more approachable, Hatfield's more refined and formal. Both extremely delicious and well executed.

                        2. Well, we're gonna do Bouchon. It was a tough call and I wanted to opt for Hatfields. We will go to Hatfields eventually. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes at Bouchon. We will be there at 8pm tomorrow night. Feel free to buy us a drink ;)

                          Thanks all!

                          1. We decided (at the last minute) to go to Hatfields. The restaurant is beautiful, the staff is quite friendly and the food was good at best. I had the Prix Fixe (I wanted to do the chef's menu, but my wife would have had to do it too and she was not into that) of tuna, then charred octopus, then the short ribs. The short ribs were definitely the best of the 3. My wife had the smoked trout and frisee salad and the pork loin. The salad was far better than the pork. For desert we had the chocolate and caramel semifreddo. That was the best dish of the meal by a country mile. Don't know that i would go back to Hatfields. Not impressed at all.

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                              So that's why you kept me waiting at Bouchon to buy you free drinks. O well....