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Oct 25, 2010 11:06 AM

dim sum recommendation

We will be visiting (converging from NYC and Los Angeles) and looking for good dim sum.

OR - is there a recommendation for a place that specializes in XLB/scallion pancakes, and the like?

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  1. XLB and scallion pancakes are best at Sakura Mandarin or Dim Sum Garden.

    1. Had dim sum this last saturday at Ocean Harbor and it was grand. Word of caution, get there early. I saw that the carts were getting sparse after about 2.

      1. My vote is for Ocean Garden. Yes, the service is awful. Yes, the wait is dreadfully long. Isn't that what great Dim Sum is all about, though? It's the perfect Dim Sum experience, in my opinion. Long line to get in, rude servers, great, great food at cheap prices. What more could you want?

        1. Ocean House is a superb dim sum joint. It compares to the best in NYC or Hong Kong in style and varietymof the small eats!

          1. scallion pancakes + XLB scream DSG to me.