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Oct 25, 2010 10:25 AM

Specific bread machine recipes, cheap, healthy and easy

In an effort to cut down on expenses, I am looking to make more use out of my dusty bread machine. I know that bread comes out better if you bake it in the oven, but for simplicity, I'd like to make it start to finish in the machine. I'd also like something healthy but some of the recipes I have seen can add up because they have so many ingredients. Of course tasty is number one! Thanks

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  1. The problem with the bread maker, and few ingredients, is that it forces a quick rise. With the basic ingredients flour, water, yeast, salt, you need time to develop the flavor and texture. And, the dough work best baked in high temperatures, which can't be done in a bread maker. When you start adding sugar, eggs, milk, fat, etc. then you're adding flavor so can get away w/ the bread maker (although the baking part is still iffy, IMO). You can use a sponge as a starter and that would help but I've never done it with bread makers.

    I've posted some recipes I use in a breadmaker, from start to finish. The key is to remove the bread as soon as it beeps because if it sits in it, it can get soggy. I've replaced one cup of flour w/ white whole wheat but any more leads to a heavy loaf.