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Oct 25, 2010 09:05 AM

Becherovka in NYC?

Does anyone know where to buy Becherovka in the 5 boroughs? I live in Brooklyn and cannot find a liquor store anywhere that sells it.

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  1. I haven't been able to find it recently in Boston. I'm told that they keep ordering it but it doesn't come in.

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      In stock at Martignetti's in Brighton, MA.

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        There was a shortage or an absence here in Boston at least. Maybe with its Christmas-like, winter-y spices, it's only here seasonally? I've seen it a lot more places within the last few weeks.

        I know that one of the Eastern Standard bartenders had to scramble a few months ago and borrow some to compete with his recipe for the Benedictine contest. Now that bar has the Metamorphosis (Becherovka as the base spirit) back on the menu.

      2. I couldn't find it in the 5 boroughs, but I found it in 4 places in Jersey hope this helps:

        laurenti wines

        wine o land

        buy rite wines

        wine chateau:

        PS: For the links that don't take you straight to the product just plug in "Becherovka".

        1. Three days ago I'd never heard of the stuff. Then I saw this posting. Now it seems it's everywhere. It was on the shelf yesterday in BevMo (big box California wine and spirits chain retailer) when I stopped in to pick up a bottle of Cointreau which they had on sale. Next stop is my local well-stocked liquor store for Cocchino Americano and what do I see in a featured display? You guessed it.

          Seems Pernod Richard, the importer, is making a big marketing push, so I wouldn't be surprised if you don't begin seeing it soon.

          So, what is the stuff? How do you use it? The guy at the liquor store says it's a bitter, herbal liqueur somewhat akin to chartreuse. Is that right?

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          1. re: Gustavo Glenmorangie

            Yes, it is somewhat bitter and definitely herbal. Existential Hero on this forum created the following. Since he (she?) didn't name it, I just when eponymous:

            Existential Hero
            3/4 oz Blanco tequila
            3/4 oz White rum
            3/4 oz Orange liqueur
            3/4 oz Becherovka
            1 t Amaretto
            3/4 oz Lime

            Shake, Rocks, Lowball

            Interesting spice, slight bitter aftertaste (good), rather like a more interesting Margarita. Good balance of orange and almond. I used Gran Gala for the orange liqueur, and I think I may have dialed back the Amaretto (Luxardo) from the original.

            More details:

          2. As for bars/restaurants the Bohemian Beer garden, Koliba, Club 21, and Zlata Praha in Astoria all I think used to serve it. I haven't been able to get it the last few times at the Beer Garden though, with there being a suggestion from the waitress that there were some distributor issues. Zlata Praha defintley still served it the last time I went a few months ago.

            That area might be a good place to look though. Grand Liqours on 30th ave usually has a pretty extensive collection of eastern European drinks. Now if I could only find Unicum.

            1. The simplest and my favorite Becherovka cocktail is to simply mix it with tonic water.