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Oct 25, 2010 08:36 AM

Austin, Texas

Anyone have any insights on where to get food - both cooked/prepared and specifically for Shabbat. I checked Shamash. A kosher-friendly supermarket would also be helpful.


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    The site warns that the info is not current, so I'd give them a call.

    1. I'd suggest your contacting the Orthodox Rabbi in Austin

      1. The HEB on Far West has a kosher deli with prepared foods.

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          I believe the HEB is in Shamash - or it should be if it's not. When I was doing work down in Austin it was a good resource. But mayo on a hamburger? Oy. The fresh sandwiches and food was really good, and I think if you buy something like a steak, they'll grill it up right there for you.

          1. re: kosherbizguy

            I second HEB but it is listed as the "The Kosher Srore"- I grocery store with a deli in side and yes if you pick out a steak they will grill it for you - best deal I have ever had on the road - I think it was a dollar extra over the price of the steak -

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              What's wrong with mayo on a burger? The second most popular burger in the world has mayo on it (Whopper).

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              I haven't been to Austin in 13 years, so I can't comment on the situation now, but back then the HEB made terrific bread. In fact when I went back to Brooklyn I took a supply with me!

            3. I really like the Indian food in Austin. It's not the most Shabbat-appropriate food but it's totally worth checking out. Seriously, the buffet especially beats many places in Manhattan.

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                My DH loves the Indian place in Austin.

              2. We're back now. Bought Shabbat food at the HEB Store (aka Kosher Store on Shamash). Was very convenient and easy. Really good selection of kosher wine there. it was too early in the morning for steak. We were disappointed that they didn't have "Texas" food like bbq. They did have ranch dressing for all the sandwiches/burgers. They were out of rotisserie chickens, which was our first choice for Shabbat meals. Instead, we picked up Empire and Meal Mart turkey and corned beef and had sandwiches.

                I should note that the only challah rolls they had were Zomicks. They were actually cheaper there than at Fairway here. They also tasted a week old. Overall, I imagine it's a great asset to the community. I'd be interested to learn how, what I think is a small community, can support it. But good for them.

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                  You didn't make it to the Indian place this time around? I'm honestly craving the stuff down there.

                  1. re: tamarw

                    Nope. It was too far out of our way.

                    By the way, apparently there are plenty of good vegetarian restaurants in and around Austin. We didn't try them, but we met an Israeli who told us that. She also said that there is a good falafel place near the University. I trust an Israeli who says that it's good. Apparently, it's owned by a Palestinian, so it must have similar Israeli flavors?

                    1. re: craigcep

                      Yeah, it's definitely not in a convenient area, but it's worth the visit.

                      I wonder about the other foods there -- honestly, when I go there (for SXSW), I subsist on Indian and nosh from HEB.