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Oct 25, 2010 08:20 AM

pork cracklings for sale?

I would like to make Hungarian biscuits which uses cracklings but cannot find them. Anyone know where they can be bought in southern or mid-state Connecticut?
Big D

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    1. There is a Hungarian Meat market/deli (I think that's even the name)on the Black Rock Turnpike in Bridgeport(very close to or on Fairfield line) that has fantastic cracklings. If you are going southbound on 95, you would take exit 24, Right at the bottom of the ramp, and Right onto Black Rock, and its maybe a block or 2 on the right.

      Black Rock Cafe
      Wrentham, MA, Wrentham, MA

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        I believe that is the link vegas posted above. Used to be Drotos Bros.