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Oct 25, 2010 08:03 AM

Flavors a real Soul Food Joint.

I'm not good with all the long writing so here we go.

Fried Trout and Fried Chicken.
Sides: french fries, bread, corn bread.

The Trout good taste and I have no idea where do they get their fish, considering how the place looks like I am afraid of asking.

The Chicken was SUPERB!!! I would go more often if I would dare to ask about where do they get this stuff... I would rather not find out and go once in a while, you know the classic, close your eyes don't ask questions. I have no reason to go to a fast food chicken place with Flavors around, a little more expensive BUT way better in taste and it is still very cheap.

The sides, forget about them, do not order them. you can order just the protein which is an awesome option.

TIPS: If you want to try their food, call ahead order and pick it up, have at home ready salad, biscuits and such because really the sides are cheap but terrible, awful.

I guess if I go again and there is a lot of people I would feel more comfortable with the idea of eating there, but that was not the case when i went, it was just me, my boy and the guy behind the fryer plus the cashier lady, they were nice but i was just waiting for a serial killer to show out of nowhere with the mood and the appearance of the joint.

Best Chicken in Columbia Pike I've tried!

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  1. Long time fave on this board. Best fried chicken in the area, with a possible exception of The General Store, though their prices are outrageous and the one time I went it was cooked ahead of time and either re-warmed or kept warm.

    Flavors cooks to order, so it takes about 20 minutes.

    Been awhile since I've been, but the pulled pork was good, especially with the vinegar sauce at the table.

    I've never felt unsafe there and have gone at night. Seemed like if anything, the neighborhood was on the upward move.

    Again, it's been awhile but I recall that the green beans were good.

    1. Have never felt unsafe there and it's in a fairly safe neighborhood. Have gone with my sister, and we were always the only ones there because we always forgot that they open at 2:00 PM on Saturdays and were always the first ones there.

      And the place never looked unclean or grimy to me at all. All the tables are clean, all surfaces I saw are clean. So the furniture is "cheap" and fairly old and doesn't look fancy. Meh. The food is great, if a bit pricey. But the prices seem about the norm for the entire DC Metro area, to be honest.

      I've tried the pulled pork (wouldn't recommend, really), fried chicken (great), fried whiting (frozen fish, but they still do wonders with it), and the fried pork chop (incredible...they get it so crispy yet moist on the inside!). I happen to like the sides, but they're not knock-your-socks-off amazing. They're pretty good, though. Collards, corn bread, mac & cheese. Fries are frozen, but it's hard to mess even frozen fries up.

      Sweet tea (of any kind, really) is too sweet for my taste, but I love having a nice diet coke with my decadent Flavors meal to cut through all that grease, butter and cheese. Heh heh.

      1. Fried chicken is great, and I agree that the best idea is to just stick with the fired chicken.

        Though right now I am hung up on the 'smoked then fried chicken' at Rays the Steaks at East River.

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        1. re: Steve

          Do you know if the fried chicken at Ray's East is a daily thing, or just an occasional item?

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            It was on the printed menu. Too bad it's so hard to get info about the place on the web, unless I'm missing something.

            You get two sides with every main course. The traditional sides like cole slaw and greens are to be avoided, but the ratatouille is very good.

        2. I didn't feel at all unsafe there, either. People are very friendly. I loved the fried chicken, thought they had a very good baked chicken. I really liked the collards and beans and rice. The cornbread was very moist, which is rare for most restaurant ones, on the sweet side which, again is up my alley since I'm from the north. The iced tea is sweet but it is real southern iced tea.

          1. You guys are right, my description of the place seemed rather scary and sketchy, but it is not true I mean at least I just have a huge imagination and my boy is very picky with the places where we actually eat, for example he can't eating at Super Pollo, so we always take to eat, or at the Charrito Caminante, he can deal with the share table at Pho 75, but no at Flavors or Super Pollo even less Charrito Caminante, so it is just to give you an idea of who I was eating with =D

            It is a joint afterall and if you expect higher ambience the price will go up I bet so I take this appearance any given day and just take the meal home, for those lucky that don't have a picky-place-location eater then just enjoy Flavors, the Frieds chicken again was amazing!