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Oct 25, 2010 07:51 AM

Whoops- soup is too spicy

I don't know how I managed to do it, but I made my chicken tortilla soup WAY too spicy (I believe it's actually black pepper spice but I'm not entirely sure...this was a latenight concoction after happyhour) I tried adding potatoes, no dice. I already have WAY too much of it so adding more of the other ingredients is not really an option- I was thinking of trying to add milk, which is something I've never done before in a slow-cooked soup. This is a crockpot soup so it's pretty hot, will milk curdle if I add it directly?
I also have some light coconut milk which I think might be a good addition since the flavor pallette isn't inherently latin tasting (all I taste is chiles and pepper at this point.) Similarly, can I add this to the entire pot? Or do I need to finish each bowl with it?

Forgive my amateur questions!

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  1. Potatoes don't work, its an old wives tales.

    The only options are to either make another non-spicy soup and use it to dilute the original, or serve the soup with some dairy, like creme fraiche, sour cream, etc. to balance out the spiciness. I would do this for each serving and not stirring it into the entire pot

    1. I agree with ESNY. This subject has come up before and the only real way to 'unspice' it is to dilute it with more ingredients. I have served this type of soup that has gotten a little to spicy and add a dollup of sour cream to each bowl. Don't stir it in because it will separate and look disgusting.

      You could always freeze half of it as is and dilute the other half.

      1. A suggestion:
        Do not add more ingredients, replace them.
        Remove half of your soup, and strain it. Replace the old stock or broth with new stock or broth. Remove any chile components from the strained solids, and then replace the solids.

        1. A dollop of dairy is your best option.

          1. I cast one vote for just Chow Hounding Down.

            Three bites in, your endorphins will kick on and you can just enjoy the buzz.....