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Oct 25, 2010 06:57 AM

Where to find double smoked bacon in LA or OC

Would like to find slab bacon (not sliced), double smoked preferable but willing to try any good source of slab bacon, even if not double smoked

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  1. The European Sausage Factory, in a dismal industrial park on the southwest side of Saticoy and Coldwater, generally has at least two to as many as four types of slab bacon, as well as wonderful sausages and other smoked meats and fish. I would also recommend Benton's as a mail order source of very smoky bacon. I believe their site is

    1. Slab bacon? Hie thee to Jons.

      1. Nueske's from Wisconsin (see review at ) is the smokiest top-quality bacon I know, but I've never seen a slab locally. Either ask a store that carries sliced Nueske's (Surfas, for example) to order one for you, or buy a three- or six-pound slab from their Web site: . If you don't have experience cutting off the slab, get out your steadiest hand and sharpest knife, unless you like bacon that's thick/thin/really-thick, etc., leading to crisp/burned/raw, etc., slices on the plate. Alternatively, get Surfas to cut the beast to your spec. While you're there, you might want to pick up a cast-iron bacon press -- invaluable for keeping the bacon flat and producing fine-textured slices, in the manner of chicken-under-a-brick.


          1. Almost two years after this thread was started and a lot has changed in the Los Angeles meat market (no pun intended). Any updates on where to find slab bacon in the Southland? I just ordered some from Nueske's. I'll report back.