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Oct 25, 2010 06:48 AM

Five Star Caterers at Keter Torah

Has anyone been to a five star event? We are considering using them at Keter Torah for a wedding with 300 - 350 guests.

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  1. they catered my nephew's bar mitzvah a few years ago. According to my sister in law they were reliable, good to work with, stayed within her budget. Good food, not the most trendy or flashy gourmet type food but tasty and plentiful.

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    1. re: serenarobin

      The other two caterers we're talking to are main event and prestige - who both came in with a much higher price. I'm still negotiating with them. Any sense of how five star compares to them? thanks!!!

      1. re: bridesmama

        My SIL considered Main event who also came in much higher and made her feel like she "had" to have certain things (more carving tables, two types of meat for main dish, etc). Five star was much more reasonable, more willing to tailor things to her / her family's tastes while still making an event that I thought was just as nice (and tasty) as Main Event affairs I've attended. I don't have much experience with Prestige. Ask Five Star if you can go to an event they are catering to check it out.

        1. re: serenarobin

          Thanks - I plan to - but the kids aren't officially engaged yet, so I can't go yet! =

        2. re: bridesmama

          Five Star is very good. Good food and beautiful presentation.

          If your budget can afford the more expensive caterers, do society a favor.... hire Five Star and donate your savings to charity.

            1. re: morris

              I'm really hoping so - although I have to admit, any extra money will be going to help the new couple. Have you attended a five star affair at keter torah? How was their presentation?

              1. re: bridesmama

                Yes, a bar mitzvah and a non-profit luncheon. Presentation was very well done. I think they could use additional waiters because service was a little slow (but they were polite).

                Wouldn't you rather give the money to the couple? I have no vested interested in any of the caterers, but I just feel people spend too much money on these affairs.

                1. re: morris

                  I would much rather give the money to the kids - I just want everything to look and taste nice too!

        3. Funnily enough, I was just there last night at a Bar Mitzvah catered by 5 Star, for around 250-300 people. We all thought the food was great.
          There was a schwarma/kebob station , a sushi station, a pasta station, a chinese station, and a vegetarian section in the middle.
          The appetizer course I thought was just ok (a piece of smoked fish, a fig, some mesculun/arugula in a cup with dressing), but after the buffet you couldn't really eat much.
          Main course was a mostly deboned chicken breast and prime rib, with purple mashed potatoes and some vegetables and was very nicely presented.
          I didnt stay for the desert so I don't know what that included.

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          1. re: jdh11

            Thanks so much. this is so helpful since I can't ask around about them yet!

            1. re: bridesmama

              So they are engaged to be engaged?

              My family has used Prestige for every wedding, bar/bat mizvah, bris, you name it, and they always do a great job.

              1. re: shaytmg

                They are engaged to be engaged. Prestige is also on the panel and has come back with a quote about $25 more per person. I went to an affair of theirs this summer and thought they were ok. There presentation is beautiful.

            2. re: jdh11

              You just put the whole Kosher Wedding scene into perspective and probably didn't even realize it. We have all gone overboard with these mega events and monsterous smorgs etc. which are more than a meal in itself. Who can honestly say that they are hungry when it is meal time. A lot of us just eat and stuff it in beacuse it is there and it's not nice to leave it on the plate.

              Maybe it is time to make a different game plan and change the whole style of the wedding and with the money we save give the young couple a fighting chance in making it in this crazy economy.

              Or give the money to Tzedekah. In anycase the Kehilla will be a better place without another Prime Rib Au Jus

            3. I attended a bar mitzvah at Keter Torah this past Sunday which Five Star catered. The food was excellent. The smorgasbord was a wide variety and tasty. They did something that I thought was very smart. They had an adult bar outside of the ball room in the atrium with cocktail tables, that allowed adults to have a drink and talk without having to yell over the music. The maitre D was extremely friendly and you could see his desire to make everything go smoothly. As with any caterer, the host/hostess has to be rational. You get what you pay for. If you go in with irrational expectations, no caterer will satisfy your needs or wants.

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              1. re: Foodtekie

                Thanks. I think that if the band is told to keep the music low when everyone is eating, you shouldn't have to leave the main ballroom. i hate when the music is blasting during nondancing time! You don't get to enjoy the food or the company.

                1. re: Foodtekie

                  I thought about the "you get what you pay for" line - Does that mean we'll get more with the more expensive caterers?

                  1. re: bridesmama

                    No, you get the quality and presentation to match what you're spending. Don't expect beatifully plated entrees, tons of waiters, and top quality prime rib if you're paying a rock bottom price. On the other hand, if you're using the most expensive and elaborate caterer available to you, but choose their most expensive menu and pay top dollar, don't expect no frills food.

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      Cheesecake, you hit the nail on the head. "You get what you pay for" also means to me if you give your caterer a budget of $75.00 per couple for example, you will get plenty of starches at the smorgasbord and other low cost items. Forget about quality beef at the main course- you will most likely get dark meat chicken that needs a shave. Now I don't need a waiter/waitress folding my dinner napkin every time I get up but, at least give me a bartender that can mix a drink correctly and a meat carver that knows to cut meat against the grain. Some caterers give members of their staff a a mixing cup, ice and a carving knife and want you to think that they are bartenders and meat carvers.

                    2. re: bridesmama

                      I know NOTHING about the cateres that are being discussed, but I know when I was wedding planning, the most expensive caterer we contacted did NOT give us the most food, or even a meat meal. We went with someone who was in the middle price wise, but who when you hear that they are catering an event, you know the food will be good, even if you are not thrilled with the food choices made by your host and hostess.
                      You need to also actually talk to your choices and see what they will offer you. One hightly regarded caterer that we interviewed wanted to totally skimp on one part fo the reception, to the point that I almost got hostile when he suggested we serve "X" to my guests because it would have looked cheap.

                      1. re: Prettypoodle

                        Quantity and Meat do not equal quality or expensive.

                        You can go to Solo and order a fish dish, or you can go to KD and order chinese. KD will almost certainly be more food and meat for less money than what Solo charges for a piece of Salmon. However the Solo dish will be presented nicer and have more complex flavors.

                        The same applies to caterers. If all you want is quantity, then find a cheap caterer, and pay extra for larger portion sizes/extra stations. If you care about presentation, flavor, and service then hire a more expensive caterer and recognize that you will be paying for those aspects and will end up with less quantity for your money.