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Oct 25, 2010 02:01 AM

Wine all-inclusive

Hello all, In the spring we went to the wonderful Chiberta (one Michelin star, part of the Guy Savoy empire), which had a tasting menu at 150 euros that included three different, and perfectly chosen, wines. Just great all around, including the colorful Traquandis on the wall. Now my question: can anyone recommend a similar kind of deal elsewhere--expensive if not absolutely stratospheric in terms of price, with a very good tasting menu with beautifully chosen wine accompaniment included in the price? All recommendations appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. L'Astrance if you can obtain a reservation, start trying soon. I think that Spring will do this as well, although we just ordered by the bottle(s), again get cracking on a reservation.

    1. The two that come to mind are first Michel Rostang, where for lunch and 96 euros you get a prix fixe of three or four courses, wine, water, and coffee. One of the good parts is that the wine is wonderful, and you get a lot. Three weeks ago had P Foreau vouvray, a vendage tardive pinot gris of Dirler with the fois gras, and at least three other wines all of high quality and as much as l wanted. A fifteen year old Barsac came with dessert. The other option was the best wine matching l have ever experienced . The restaurant is La Truffiere near Rue Mouffetard. Regardless of what food you order they have a sommelier who matches your choices. He was brilliant sending out many, many things we had never heard of. The other two people there were wine professionals and went to the restaurant just for this feature. Strange whites from the Languedoc and white Banyuls, plus very small makers of Chablis, Gevrey-Chambertin, and Savennieres. While the wines were not inexpensive, the selection, quality and amount made it a bargain for me.