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Oct 24, 2010 09:25 PM

New to Ontario (London) and I can't find Stoned Wheat Thins OR sweet potatoes :(

I've been to a bunch of different chain stores - loblaws, metro, RCS, valuemart etc and no luck finding the crackers.

Also, in BC we always have yams (orange fleshed) and sweet potatoes (pale yellow flesh, starchy, but delicious when roasted. Here, I can only find the sweet orange variety.

Can anyone tell me how to get these, or where to find them? Or will I have to get my mom to include them in her care package of BC Cider and Rogers Golden Syrup? :p

Thanks everyone- much appreciated if you can help me solve my latest Ontario mystery :)


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  1. I'm eating Stoned Wheat Thins right now actually...purchased from Metro beside the Premium crackers. Perhaps the London Metro doesn't carry them, but the ones downtown Toronto do :s

    1. Have you tried an Asian grocer for the paler sweet potatoes? I see both all the time.

      1. I've bought Stoned Wheat Thins at various Metros in London in the past. I'm surprised you are having trouble finding them.

        The Loblaws located at Southdale Rd and Wonderland Rd South is one of the newer, larger stores, and has a larger produce selection than most stores. I've bought Jamaican/West Indian sweet potatoes/boniato/batata (the pale yellow-fleshed/sometimes white-fleshed sweet potatoes that look like this ) as well as the standard orange-fleshed sweet potatoes there. They also sometimes carry purple-skinned sweet potatoes. That particular Loblaws also often carries cassava, plantain, and occasionally some other tubers.

        If you're looking for other specialty products in London, Remark Fresh Market (at Hyde Park and Oxford West) and the Covent Garden Market downtown carry plenty of specialty goods and quality produce.

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          I was at the Loblaws located at Wonderland Rd S & Southdale earlier today, and they had the starchier Jamaican sweet potatoes (labeled as Jamaican yams) for $2.29/lb, as well as standard orange fleshed sweet potatoes.

          They also have 3 varieties of Stoned Wheat Thins (original, lower sodium, and another varieity) in the cracker aisle, at the end of the aisle closest to the cashiers.

        2. I know you're not in Toronto but if you're ever our way on a weekday, drop by the Dad's Cookies factory store at 370 Progress Ave in Scarborough, they seem to have Stoned Wheat Thins on sale a lot. I always stock up there, enough to last me months.

          1. Oh my, thank you so much to all for your suggestions. We live in and shop in the northern, whiter part of town- I never would have thought of trying chain stores in different locations. In Vancouver there was always a huge array of stuff no matter where you were, as 50% of Vancouver was born outside the country.
            I shall travel south immediately! Thanks for all that tips- I really appreciate them!
            Janet :D
            I will

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            1. re: hildegard

              London is much more diverse than it looks at first glance ;-)

              The Loblaws at Fanshawe Pk Rd and Richmond Street N (in the North End) also has a good selection of imports, but their produce selection isn't a good as the newer Loblaws at Wonderland & Southdale, and for some reason the south end Loblaws carries more Greek and Middle Eastern imports. I would be really surprised to hear that they would not have Stoned Wheat Thins- not sure if you have checked.

              The No Frills at Fanshawe Pk Rd and Wonderland (also in the North End) has cheaper but somewhat variable produce, but they do carry a lot of imports (especially canned goods) from the Middle East. I was surprised to see frozen octopus at the No Frills, since it's very rare to find octopus at a chain store in London.

              The Metro on Wonderland Road in Sherwood Forest Mall (also in the North End) has improved their selection of imports and canned goods in the last few years, most likely in response to the neighbourhood behind the mall becoming more and more culturally diverse.

              London also has several Indian shops, some Asian stores, Eastern Euro delis and one Greek store if you're looking for other groceries that are harder to find in grocery stores.

              Quite a few ethnic groceries (Central European at Kleiber's, small selection of Japanese groceries at Tanakaya, West Indian and Indian at the New Delhi Deli, Greek at the produce places) can be found at various vendors at the Covent Garden Market. Also an amazing cheese selection at Smith Cheeses. Lots of hard-to-find produce is also available at the Market.

              Floor plan of the Covent Garden Market:

              thread on European groceries in London:

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                BTW, the Superstore at Oxford W and Hyde Park also carries Jamaican sweet potatoes and 3 varieties of Stoned Wheat Thins (top shelf!) ;-)

                1. re: phoenikia

                  You can also try the Food Basics at Wonderland and Commissioners. They have a huge selection of ethnic foods.Doesnt look promising from the outside but inside there are lots of goodies. I miss living near it!

                2. re: hildegard

                  I am also new to London ON. I just bought lovely organic sweet potatoes at Quartermaster's in Wortley Village. That is a charming neighbourhood to explore. I am looking for Duchy Originals products in London. Anyone?

                  1. re: hildegard

                    I know I'm replying to an old post, but I thought I should add for completeness that the United Supermarket in north London would be a place not to miss. Maybe five kinds of yams last time I checked. Including "yam" in the Pacific-island sense...