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Oct 24, 2010 09:20 PM

Looking for cool restaurant in the 'burbs for 2 vegetarians!

Hey, everybody!

I'm from downstate Illinois and don't get into the suburbs too much, but I'm sure they have great food options for someone willing to experience everything!

Here's the deal: I'm in the suburbs (around Bartlett) for 1 night only (Tuesday, November 9th, to be exact). My friend and I are both vegetarians and are looking for somewhere novel to eat. I'm a poor college student, but I can splurge ($50 a person is probably my limit).

Nothing is really off-limits. We're both ovo-lacto vegetarians, so it's not totally restrictive.

I have a car, but we wouldn't want to go further than a half hour or so away.

Any suggestions?

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  1. If you are fans of Indian Foods, I'd suggest looking into Schaumburg. I wish I had some experience with the Indian places there (there are quite a few) but I don't. I have several co-workers and friends who are familiar with the Indian Restaurants there, and always tell me about the good ones if I'm in the area. If I run into any of them, I'll be sure to post again.
    Oh, one of the recs an Indian coworker says is better than avg is India House in Schaumburg.
    There is another place I'm thinking of too, but I can't come up with the name right now.

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      Thanks, gordeaux! My friend is Indian, so I might have mentioned not going that route, although I love Indian food.

      1. re: sunflowercynic

        Chowpatti in Arlington Heights. I have not been but have heard it's good... but not cheap. From the menu they seem to have Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Italian items.

        Other options might be "ethnic" restaurants: Asian (Thai, Chinese etc.), Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and so on. I know a good Indonesian restaurant in West Rogers Park on Touhy, but that might be too far from Bartlett. Happy searching!

        1. re: sunflowercynic

          Ok, tell ya what -
          It seems like it should be within your 30 minute limit. If you like Middle Eastern in a semi nice setting, Reza's in Oak Brook. Just a suggestion. I'm not sure of other options closer, but I am a fan of Reza's, and it's nice-casual.

          If it works for you, I would suggest trying these two things with your meal:
          Vegetarian Shami (has walnuts, beware)
          grilled mushrooms.

          Just a suggestion, maybe something catches your eye closer.

          1. re: gordeaux

            Are you at all familiar with Sweet Tomatoes? They have restaurants in St. Charles, Schaumburg, Aurora, and Lombard. Inexpensive, but they offer lots of salads (pre-mixed or make your own), plus lots of soups (at least 6-7 different, many totally vegetarian), breads, hot noodles or vegetables, desserts, etc. It's a chain but they offer pretty good food on a regular basis. Price less than $10 each with all you can eat/drink.

            1. re: CJT

              I'm familiar, but I'm not sure if the OP is looking for that kind of place.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Yup. Sweet Tomatoes is a cafeteria-style restaurant, not all that different from your typical Old Country Buffet in style and atmosphere (if you could call it that).

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        1. Yes, if you're ever back--check out Blind Faith Cafe in Evanston. The best thick lovely vegan chocolate cake of your life.

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          1. re: GraceW

            Blind Faith has long been a favorite of this non-vegetarian diner. It has built a long, excellent reputation in Evanston. Many years ago I was there for brunch with my then 8-year old daughter and she loved the blueberry muffins - up until the moment that someone told her it was vegitarian. I'll have to remind her of that, now that she's a mom, herself.