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Oct 24, 2010 08:42 PM

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Detroit area

For the millions of chocolate chip cookies in the world, why is it so hard to find a really good one? One that tastes homemade, is buttery, maybe a bit of caramel or toffee coming through, not too doughy (like Marty's used to be), correct ratio of chocolate chip to dough, doesn't have a fake flavor of mystery that is just 'hit-the-spot' delish.

A good cc cookie is a work of art, don't you think?

So, where do you think the best chocolate chip cookies are in the Detroit area, which are (hopefully) locally made? And, what about pricing -- who has the best cc cookies at the most reasonable price? (I had the chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres in Traverse and it was a lot of hype for mediocre flavor. Zingermans are off-the-charts expensive.)

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  1. I'd go for the crispy chewy cc cookies from Johnny B's. Not quite what I'd call "classic" but delicious nonetheless. They had a fire a couple months ago so I don't know if their retail bakery in SCS is up and running again but you can get these at independent markets like Nino Salvaggio's and Hillers.

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    1. re: gooddog

      Johnny B's is still closed. No activity present.

      1. re: RedTop

        I thought I read somewhere they would be baking out of another kitchen, so still are supplying the markets, even while their own location is closed.

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          If you have recently seen them, I will head out tomorrow and pick up a batch. I look forward to trying them.

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        I remember seeing their products on the shelf at Westborn in Berkley, I think. How unfortunate to have suffered a fire during these tough times, let alone at all. They may have also been at Krogers in Bloomfield Township.

        I hope they are not the only source for a really good cc cookie around here. I read last night after I posted that Jacques Torres in Traverse is closed.

        1. re: Mplove

          I was disappointed but not surprised to see that Jacques Torres closed in Traverse City. I think it was a long shot for a chocolatier in New York to open a branch in the Midwest and make a go of it. As a customer, I'm happier treating myself to their fresh-baked, warm, gooey chocolate chunk cookies whenever I visit Brooklyn, rather than see it turn into a mediocre franchise. That being said, I DID have a cookie at their Traverse City location once and would have said that it had all of the attributes that you describe. What was missing in your experience?
          Btw, I wholeheartedly agree with your observations AND your description of a "spot-on" chocolate chip cookie! :)

          1. re: tokyo

            Tokyo, I was *shocked* when I first heard there was a JT store in Traverse. The fact that it was the only location outside of NYC was a huge surprise. When I had the famous chocolate chip cookie up north, it must have been sitting around for days. I asked the girl who worked there when it was made, and she couldn't tell me. (?!?!? - how could they not know? It wasn't like they had too many bakery items to keep track of there.) For all the press these cookies had recieved, I was expecting to be transported to cookie heaven when I bit into it. I found the dough part of the cookie to be just ho-hum. I didn't taste any of those great side notes in it, at all. The chocolate was fine, but as a complete tasting experience, I found it to not be too much better than those big cookies you see at the cash register at Jimmy Johns, or in the gas station. I wanted it to be great, but it was far from that. (I did have a mug of their hot chocolate, and THAT was super good. NOT the cookie, though.) I even brought some cookies back and let my sister and sister-in-law try them, and they weren't impressed, either. I guess I will just have to treat myself to the "home grown" ones in NYC when I get back there.

            Thanks for your input.


        Every cookie I have had from Pinwheel so far has been outstanding.

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          Thanks, Jan. I will head down to Pinwheel after I hit Westborn to see if they have any Johnny B's on the shelf. I appreciate your suggestion.

          Johnny B's
          126 Carey St, Deerfield, MI 49238

          1. re: Mplove

            I doubt they will have any Johnnie B's on the shelf's....just Pinwheel cookies.

        2. In my humble opinion...I think Cheeky Monkeys Foods chocolate chip cookies are the absolute hands down winner in this category. They don't have a storefront and sell only at local farmers' markets (Royal Oak, Birmingham, Farmington and maybe a few more?) Organic..thick...chewy...amazing!!! I think they have about four or five varieties of choc. chip. I have had their CC, Dark Choc Cherry, Dark Choc Walnut and Mint Choc. So so good...not cheap...but well worth the price. Every cookie is loaded with tons of chocolate!!! Avalon makes a nice choc. chip too but that's about the only cookie they make that I like.

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          1. re: Jack Freeman

            Oddly enough, Cheeky Monkeys Foods is owned by my cousin Martha! She and her husband Alex offer their fare at several farmers markets in the area, and she's got quite the skills. I wouldn't have said anything, but since *you* did, I had to give her some props.

            I should also note that I'm jealous of you...I've never had her chocolate chip cookies! She does lots of very good baked goods, though, so it's no surprise that her CCC are very good as well.

            Glad you like them!

            1. re: boagman

              Wow..small world! Besides being super nice people they seriously have the best coffee and baked goods I have had in the area. I was trying to convince them to open a restaurant and their answer to that was "Been there...done that....wouldn't do it again". lol I'd suggest asking for some cookies for Christmas!!!

          2. Pecan Chocolate Chunk from Avalon Bakery

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              Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions...I'm glad more people have included their personal favorites, and introduced me to their potential favorites.

              Toooo funny about your cousin, Boagman!

              I had a cc cookie from Pinwheel in Ferndale today, and I didn't get a good sense of the "buttery-ness" in theirs, although I felt the flavor was ok. Maybe the cookie I had was a few days old, as well.

              I haven't had the Johnny B's yet. I think I had an Avalon cookie when my sister got married 6 years ago & I stopped by the bakery the day after, so I would have to revisit that source (I love all their breads, so I would expect their cookies to be yummy, too.)

              I haven't seen Cheeky Monkey's around yet -- I am close to the Farmer's Market out in Waterford, so I don't need to go to the Royal Oak market very often. I look forward to seeking them out.

              Still, after this much time has passed from my original post...I find it interesting that there has yet to emerge a true favorite cookie maker for such a classic treat.

              Thanks for all the input, and I look forward to reading more. :-)

              Johnny B's
              126 Carey St, Deerfield, MI 49238

              1. re: interplanetjanet

                I haven't tried the Pecan Chocolate Chunk yet, but I will. My fav chocolate chip cookie ever is Avalon's Sea Salt Choc Chip.

              2. Ok...STOP THE PRESS...I was at the Birmingham Winter Mrkt on Sunday and picked up a package of Cheeky Monkeys Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies. I have NEVER had cookies like these. I love their cookies but these are the end all be all of cookies for me. Dark chocolate chip and little bits of crystallized ginger. OMG I only bought one package. I know they are at Royal Oak on Saturdays through the winter but BOAGMAN if you have their home address I will go kick down the door for more of these cookies. I have already emailed them to order five bags for next Sat!!!