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Oct 13, 2005 03:01 PM

Studio City all you can eat Sushi

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Any recomendations for all you can eat Sushi in Studio City?

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  1. There's only one option that I'm aware of (with 2 locations) - Midori Sushi, both locales are on Ventura.
    It's about $22 bucks for dindin, a few less for lunch, and really, I think you get what you pay for here. I don't hate it, but they're very heavy on the rice + fried goods, and the quality of fish is just so so. Still, if you're ravenous and want lots of sushi-type things (rolls galore here too), it's a relatively good deal, with managed expectations.


    1. I'll second the Midori rec, although I've only ever been to the one in Studio City. Sit at the bar and it's likely the chef will tip you off to what's special. Some of the rolls are too much fuss, but for the most part they are inventive and flavorful. All in all it's a really good deal.

      1. Just off of Ventura in Sherman oaks, at Van Nuys Blvd and Moorpark is a place called Kyoto. it's in the same shoping center as In N Out and Black Dog Yoga. They have all you can eat there as well. If you ask, they'll do your sushi genmai ( with brown rice). They're comparative price-wise to Midori, and the rolls are pretty good.

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          I must confess that Kyoto in Sherman Oaks is a guilty pleasure of mine. On Saturday and Sunday for lunch they have a special which is all you can eat for $16.95, normally it's $22.95 I think for dinner or lunch weekdays. They have a really great chef, Rubin and then another who was awful (middle station), however they just got rid of the bad seed and hired a new chef Tim, who's awesome. The white tuna and halibut was quite good recently!

        2. What's the address for Midori... my googling skills suck-- I keep getting midori in other cities or the melon liqeuer (which I like, but alas, is not what I was looking for ;) )


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            Sherman Oaks locale - 13905 VENTURA BLVD.

            Studio City locale - 11622 VENTURA BLVD. (this one is sometimes called Maeda, but it's part of the Midori family)


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              The St City one was called Maeda until quite recently.

              Warning -- the hot sake is DIRE and must be avoided.

              They do a fairly good but rich roll topped with eel and teriyaki sauce. Forget the name. The rolls are massive -- about 2 x hand roll length. IMO the one with baked scallops and rich sauce on top isn't particularly good...

          2. Sushi Midori (nee Maeda) is the best sushi value in LA, if not the world. Yellowtail belly, Hawaiian King mackeral are astoundingly fresh. The staff is so friendly that the waitress will hug you on your third visit! Dinner starts at 3PM and includes higher end fish for a few bucks more than lunch. (They always let me go over an hour time limit, and they don't care.) If you're pleasant and complimentary, the senior sushi chef will rock your world with omakase stuff, and if you're rude, they might charge you for unfinished plates at the end of your meal. You deserve it. For 23 bucks pre fixe for all you can eat on Sushi Row in LA? Please, this is an astounding value. Saturday at 3PM is dead.