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Oct 24, 2010 08:05 PM

ISO: Foie Gras

Any meat shops/markets in Chestnut Hill/Brookline area that sell foie gras (lobes or slices)? Don't want cooked pates etc, want raw foie gras for cooking at home.


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  1. John Dewar in Newton center almost always carries it

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    1. re: iloveporkbelly

      I'd just call ahead because the last time I bought it they were almost out and only had the teeniest bit left. I bought the tiny chunk anyway, but if you need a certain amount, I'd call to confirm.

      1. re: iloveporkbelly

        Just bought a slice this weekend. Very friendly service, would definitely shop there again. He cut a nice piece to order for me.

        Seared it and served with some caramelized grapefruit segments. My whole place was in a white smoky haze for a few minutes thereafter with the delicious aroma of seared foie gras. Wish I had some ice wine to wash it down.....

      2. Savenors has it. You can purchase by the lobe or by pre-cut slices. Butcher Boy in North Andover also has it.