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Oct 24, 2010 07:55 PM

Staying in City Center (embassy suites) with young kids- Thanksgiving- need help

We're staying at the embassy suites on benjamin franklin wy near logan square. Can anyone recommend a place for us to eat when we get in on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving)? we were hoping for really casual and walking (we'll take a stroller- have a 3 and 5 year old). Actually- hoping for a pub style- we'd eat early so we wouldn't be there during the busy time.

Also- for thanksgiving- I made lunch reservations for Bridget Foys since it was one of the few places that seemed to get good reviews that is just adding items rather than all you can eat buffet (I can't stomach paying $15 - 50 for a 3 and 5 year old). For dinner I wanted to treat the kids at Max Brenner but they're closed. I need to find a place also relatively close where we can just get a few bites but will be somewhat kid friendly (again- eating time 5pm). thanks so much for any help!

I'm "all set" for Friday and Saturday (where to go and eat).. it;s just when we get there - I imagine with traffic no one's going to want to get into a car again for dinner..

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    1. re: lisadc01

      This is a tough one. There is nothing right in that area that I know of. For the Wednesday evening, the Sabrina's on Callowhill isn't too far of a walk, and certainly casual enough for kids. I don't know if they are open on Thanksgiving.

      If you are willing to take a cab, options open up considerably. A quick look on opentable shows a bunch of places open Thansgiving evening.

      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        Yea the Embassy Suites is conveniently placed not far from everything but very close to nothing. If you can walk a little bit, Sabrina's is a great suggestion; also on that block is Kite & Key (pub) and King of Tandoor (Indian), you'll have to call when it gets closer to see if they're open.

        There are a few closer pubs--Public House, Mission Grill, and Tir Na Nog. I know the food is bad and atmosphere is inappropriate at the first two; I'm not sure about Tir Na Nog, though. I was only there once and it was in the morning to watch soccer.

        EDIT: I take it back, the block with Sabrina's et al is only about a third a mile from your hotel. If you cut a block out of the way you can walk through Logan Circle, which has nice views of the Art Museum and City Hall.

        1. re: barryg

          Hi- thanks! we are willing to cab it just not too far - for the first night- are any of these good? (again- 5pm)-
          Good Dog or pub and kitchen?

          for thanksgiving, I saw on opentable a lot- but most are fixed price (and about 15 to 20 per kid which is way too much since they are 3 and 5). A lot of the places are fixed price (whcih is not a good deal with a 3 and 5 year old).. Oh- except for Parc but no kids menu? I see new ones have been added so I'll keep looking.

          For Friday lunch- Angelino's- dinner s thinking of Continental midtown.
          Saturday lunch near the Franklin institute Darling's cafe.

          I'd appreciate your thoughts! this is proving a little trickier since a lot of restaurants are booked up for the 5pmish time..

          1. re: lisadc01

            I might be wrong about this but I don't see kids being that welcome at Good Dog or Pub & Kitchen. The former is too cramped, the the latter has too much attitude.

            In that vein, Standard Tap (upstairs seating) or Resurrection Ale House are both much more kid friendly IMO, and the food is better at both as well (also IMO, of course). These spots are a bit farther, but by cab the difference is pretty small. The only caveat is that getting a cab back home from Resurrection is a bit trickier; you'd probably want to call one to make it easy.

            I think Resurrection was even doing a kid friendly Happy Hour special at some point, encouraging people to bring their kids in for discounts.

            1. re: barryg

              Is noddinghead brewery any good? thanks- I wouldn't know about the pubs until we actually made it there..

              also- between bistro st tropez and bridget foly- any insights on which to pick? both seem to get similar ratings- trying to decide on thanksgiving night- i think for the day we'll go to rouge at rittenhouse (no reservations but we'll wait)..

              1. re: lisadc01

                Good Dog is ok for kids at lunch but it's kind of dark and dreary atmosphere-wise.

                As an aside, I am not sure what you are planning for Friday or Saturday, but make sure to take the kiddies to the light show at Wanamakers err Macy's, the hourly holiday video at the Comcast Center (wow you could eat there easily with kids and it's like three blocks from the Embassy Suites), and the holiday train display at Reading Terminal Market (and I assume that you already have Reading Terminal on your list of must-do's?)

                1. re: bluehensfan

                  No I didn't (reading is on another fast weekend)- but the others I'll add it in- I had for thanksgiving day the christmas village (after the parade) which appears to be near.. that's it since i couldn't find too many things open.. thanks!!

                  I have to call today table 31 at the comcast center to see if they're open.. table 31 or bistro st tropez? it's really hard planning when i haven't been to philly for SO long (at it was near U Penn when i went)..

                  1. re: lisadc01

                    I was referrring to the downstairs upscale type food court at the Comcast Center. It would be ok for a quick bite to eat for the kids...

                2. re: lisadc01

                  I like the atmosphere at Nodding Head, but the beer and food leave much to be desired. It can be a good time, though, and would be good for kids; more so than Good Dog and P&K.

                  1. re: lisadc01

                    Have you thought about Chinatown for dinner? There are bound to be many places open, and they are generally very kid and budget-friendly. It would be a pretty short cab ride. I'd recommend Rangoon, if it's open. We've been bringing our kids since they were babies and it's their favorite restaurant.

                    1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                      I was trying to avoid cab rides- I believe the law is to bring car seats - we'd have to lug two of them since they both don't meet booster requirements. If I'm wrong, please let me know- it'll make a difference..

                      1. re: lisadc01

                        While that may be "the law", most cabbies will let you ride with your kids without the seats. I guess it's up to you if you want to chance it.

                        1. re: Philly Ray

                          I'd be ok with a short trip- each one of us could grab one kid! (but just a short ride- hope Philly cab drivers are not like NYC ones! - again, been a while since I've visited Philly).

                        2. re: lisadc01

                          Hmmm...didn't think of that. In New York, I have taken short cab rides with the kids w/o seats with no problems. I've never had to in Philly, since I've got my own care or use public transportation. I doubt a cab would refuse to take you, so it's a question of whether you are comfortable.

                          I wouldn't suggest it except that it's a pretty long walk from you hotel to most places you'd want to go.

                          I also wanted to suggest that you call the restaurants abotu the fixed prices. Some places don't charge for kids under a certain age, or charge half price. When my daughter was 3, she basically didn't eat anything except crackers, which I'd bring along, and most places would agree not to charge for her. It can't hurt to ask.

                          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                            NY and VA (where we live) taxis and public transportation are exempt- in PA they are not.. I had to look this up since this would be our first cab ride!

                            I have been calling all restaurants (most of them I found on opentable) and only one said my kids would be free.. the other ones just matter of factly said their cost is 1/2 (which is why I'm avoiding fixed price menus). :(

          2. You have several options right in the immediate vicinity of the hotel: Finn McCools Irish Pub, Fridays (I know, I know, but with 3 and 5 years olds this may work for you) and Asia on the Parkway. If you are willing to walk a little farther, Pietro's Coal Oven Pizza on Walnut St. is family friendly.

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            1. re: rocknroll52

              LOL- friday's is where we'll be having breakfast each day- it's the complimentary breakfast place for the embassy suites! I am looking for somewhat kid friendly but also need parent-foodie friendly :)- these kids will eat any mac and cheese- from a dive to one with truffles! ;)

              1. re: lisadc01

                well you *can* bring little kids most anywhere that you want to eat but if you are looking for places that have children's menus, whether it be for the price or for the mac-n-cheese, that becomes more limiting for foodie parents. I don't think they have a children's menu, but you might take a look at Continental Midtown which is only a short walk away and a little more tempting for the foodie parents.

            2. We have a toddler in Center City, taxis will take you 99.9% of the time. You actually have a lot of choices, the city is so walkable, especially with a stroller. Restaurants are all really accomodating of the little guys as well, especially before the dinner rush.

              I second Pietros as a good option. Also, for a very fast casual lunch/dinner 5 Guys on Chestnut is close. Mace's Crossing 17th and the Parkway is a bar but the upstairs has a nice view and the food is okay kid friendly bar food.

              As far as pub type food, Race Street Cafe is in Old City, accessible via bus/subway/cab, 30 minute stroller walk and is about as kid friendly as a pub can be and has some tasty beers for adults. i like good dog a lot, but its not kid friendly because it is so crowded.

              Szechuan Tasty House in chinatown is easily walkable and kid friendly.

              Race Street Cafe
              2 Race St, Frenchtown, NJ 08825