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Oct 24, 2010 07:40 PM

looking for hitachino xh (or any) in austin

hey all
ive been here in austin for a few weeks now and havnt been able to find my absolute favorite beer ever made: hitachino XH. ive tried central market, whole foods, and only a few small specialty beer distributors. any one know where i can find the owl?

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  1. I'm not familiar with this one, but you might want to give these places a phone call and see if they might have it:

    Spec's (any of them)
    Grapevine Market

    All of them carry an extensive beer selection, so your chances are greater (although ultimately the distributor comes into play here).

    1. i've bought it several times at whole foods downtown.
      maybe call them to see if they are getting a delivery soon?

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      1. re: dinaofdoom

        Whoa! WF was stocking Hitachino? I need to investigate. I looked hard in Austin for Hitachino Nest and came up empty. I was told the stuff wasn't labeled for distro in Texas, thanks to some arcane TABC requirements. I ended up paying exorbidant ammounts of money to order it extra-legally from some distributor in Iowa.

      2. According to BeerAdvocate (, the beer is retired and no longer brewed.

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        1. re: abd

          oh well that would explain why it's not at whole foods...

          1. re: abd

            As in XH is retired, or Hitachino is done? I'm not seeing where they say anything on the subject on that link.

            1. re: puddles

              The beer doesn't look retired to me... The Hitachino Nest XH has reviews as recent as 10/18.

          2. Almost every import/craft beer that makes it to Austin is distributed by Ben E Keith. Maybe give them a call?