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Oct 24, 2010 07:19 PM

agriturismo, pine plains

the same weekend i went to bull and buddha, i went to agriturismo. agriturismo is different than bull and buddha not only in the type of restaurant, but in its execution. where bull and buddha shoots very high and misses, agriturismo aims just a little bit lower - and hits the mark perfectly.

agriturismo is in the center of pine plains, and only open friday - sunday (sunday = brunch + dinner). the owner/chef (mark strausman) supervises fred's @barney's in nyc, though i didn't know that when i arrived; i went solo after going up to rodgers' book barn in hillsdale earlier in the day.

it's a small, understated restaurant with an open kitchen. the menu changes frequently - why? the chef fell in love with how good and close the local foods are. i don't know if the term farm-to-table applies since he's not running a farm, but it's pretty close.

the menu states "almost everything is locally grown and produced except for olive oil. fish/seafood are from montauk." that's good. it's amazing in its simplicity; there were maybe 6 entree dishes, a couple pastas, and 6 or so appetizers? i had one appetizer which was a salami? underneath a salad, with goat cheese and walnuts? i'm blanking a little bit, but all the flavors went together amazingly well. simple stuff, put together perfectly.

main course was local hen under a brick, which was several pieces of it cooked flawlessly. the funny part is almost all of the dishes listed "yukon gold (?) potatoes and vegetables", which turned out to be brussel sprouts. i'm not a fan, but i devoured all of them, they were cooked perfect. the reason i found it funny - when you're dealing with local foods, you have to make the same foods fit with many different dishes. here, the foods which were good and fresh were the potatoes and brussel sprouts.

i was stuffed after this, but listened to dessert options. ok, i'll have the cherry pie with ronnybrook vanilla ice cream. oh, the pie was so good, and i love ronnybrook ice cream. walked out stuffed and satisfied.

while i was there, i talked with two groups of people; the first said their food was great, the other one (when i first came in) told me that they had already been to the place several times (i think it had only been open 3 weeks?) and that every dish they had was outstanding. i can't think of a better recommendation than that. oh, wait, i can - the group of eight people who were there and had several different plates, and were oohing and aahing on their first bites.

what was served? meiller meats. herondale pork and lamb. the chicken (windfall?) and some kind of fish. cheeses from the area.

i'm cheating now by looking at their website ( to see what's being offered, they've now added a rabbit dish and a meiller sucking pig. they had a meiller hamburger (not on, but i can't see how they wouldn't offer it every time), and i think most of the other appetizers weren't on the menu either.

i don't know how busy pine plains will be in the winter, but agriturismo gives a great reason to get over there. i know i'll be going back again soon. and i hope the pig is still on the menu!

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  1. There's a picture of a pizza on their website that looks fabulous. Did you happen to see any go by? or talk to anyone you had it? Before I venture 65+ miles for pizza, I'd like an opinion. So if you're so inclined....;-)

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    1. re: JanRan

      sorry, i didn't see anyone eating the pizza. it was definitely not on the dinner menu, and since i arrived around 5:45, 6:00, i don't think anyone was still having the brunch menu. i saw a couple different kind of pasta dishes, some fish, and several meat ones along with the burgers. i originally wanted the pork dish, but that was sold out.

      i couldn't recommend coming up to pine plains from westchester just for the restaurant. however, if it was packed into part of a day trip (ie. bookstore, clinton vineyards, some local cheese/meat places), it would definitely be worthwhile.

      1. re: bob gaj

        I cannot wait to try this new place - is it child friendly??

        1. re: moosesocks

          i did not see any children in the restaurant when i was there.

          however, their website had a reference to eating with the kids, so i'd guess so? but i'd call to find out.

          1. re: moosesocks

            talked with them on the phone about this, they said YES (but earlier in the evening). i asked if splitting the (large) hamburger between two was acceptable, they said yes (if they had the burger that day) or they'd prepare a pasta/butter dish, or several other options depending on the day.

            1. re: bob gaj

              Thanks so much for checking. It has proved to be hard to find restaurants in the area that are child friendly - or let me rephrase - it's just plain hard to bring young children to any restaurant! (sigh~)

      2. i just made reservations...will report back! thanks for the heads up. it sounds like a great place!

        1. went back last night with family in tow. an extremely slow night there, but a great meal.

          had a complimentary sampling of an italian bean dish which was yummy, and i don't generally like beans. kids devoured the two kinds of bread (one was like a focaccia) in a heartbeat. asparagus appetizer with butter and cheese was simple and a good starter.

          i had: suckling pig (from meiller) in a port? sauce, but the flavor was NOT overpowering, but complementary. fingerling potatoes and veggies (zucchini with a little sauce) on the side. pig was falling off, easy to eat, and tasted awesome.

          wife had a rigatoni with some kind of local beef; she said the rigatoni was al dente, and i heard her raving to other ppl about it later. they said that they could 'accomodate the children' and that's true. i didn't want them to have chicken nuggets or something, but they both had regular pasta dishes, one with tomato sauce, one with butter, both with parmesan cheese. that's the only accomodating i'd like from this kind of place.

          i almost got one of the two dishes with ramps (risotto / nettles / goat cheese, or rabbit and a ton of other things), but i'm not a fan of rabbit and had been looking forward to getting the suckling pig at some point.

          has anyone else gone?

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          1. re: bob gaj

            I would love to go, it's just about 50-60 minutes away though, and I'd rather make the trip with someone else, so I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the reviews.

          2. I can't wait to try this place since I'm moving to Pine Plains as of June 1st.

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            1. re: JMF

              Just had my first visit yesterday. We were 5, including one severely autistic youngster and everyone was very kind, even sent out a dish of ice cream just for him. EVERYTHING was incredibly delicious. Had the breakfast pizza with shishito pewppers and egg, blue cheese stuffed figs wrapped in bacon, baked chanterelles with 2 sunnysides and the local pork hash also with eggs. Mom had gnocchi, sis had fritatta, we were all extremely happy campers. Finished with a killer stone-fruit cobbler. Would like to go back right now. Everything was so tasty. Used to occasionally visit his Campagna (20 yrs ago) and loved it. So glad he's up here.

              1. re: Gman

                This place sounds great. Are they open every night?

                ...edited to add
                Never mind, found the hours on the website.
                Thurs. 5:30 - 10:30 pm

                Fri. 5:30 - 10:30 pm

                Sat. 5:30 - 10:30 pm

                Sun. 11 am-3:30 pm

                and 5:00-9 pm

            2. I went last week and had a fabulous time. Great food, great service, I can't wait to become a regular once I move to town.

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              1. re: JMF

                Never did move to Pine Plains.