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Oct 24, 2010 06:39 PM

PG Wegmans Open Today

Any reports on the pg county Wegmans opening today?
The new Costco only had the gas staton open.

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  1. I have a friend that went who was sssooo happy. Given that it's a wegmans, it will rock.

    1. We went but were scared off by the sheer number of people. Will go back, probably on thursday.

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      1. re: Fuzzydave

        Well, honestly it is a nicer store than the local PG Giant's/Safeway's/Shopper's Food Warehouses....But it is not anything close to the Sterling Wegmans store I usually shopped.
        The Annapolis Whole Foods, Potomac Ave SE Harris Teeter, and the Kalarama Road Harris Teeter stores are better bets if you can get out of PG Country. I think they "locallized" it a tad too much. A big new box with a great name, but reworked and almost disapointting to an old hand Wegman shopper. Glad to have that cheaper Costco Gas Station though!!!

        1. re: RobertM

          I found it to be nearly identical to both the Hunt Valley and Leesburg stores. Not sure I know what you mean by "too locallized" and I'm pretty sure I don't want to. Care to explain?

          1. re: jumpsteady

            Well, my son went to school in Ithaca, Wegman central, for 4 years, from DC.
            Ranted and raved about Wegman's.
            When he returned we went to the sterling store, he swooned.
            Still drives out there from DC. Me too.
            We both waited for the PG spot to open. He went before me, and felt it was not the same outlay and spirit as the NY or Sterling / Leesburg / Fairfax stores. I went to the PG spot yesterday.IMHO. Offerings not as broad, and the lay out and entrances are limited.
            Better than the rest out there, in PG, but not like Sterling or Fairfax. Harris Teeter and Whole pay check [Whole Foods] is much better all around. But the Wegman's show will get better in time once they lower the hype and stock the store better, and change the lay out. OK? I will bet that the Howard County and Ann Arundel County Wegman's will be a bit different too. Let's just enjoy what we have available locally. God bless and enjoy that cheap Costco Gas!!!! That aint 'Localized" Jumpsteady everything changes in time and Im sure the PG wegmans will make some changes too. Let's hope.

            1. re: RobertM

              After working in Prince George's County for the past 25 years I'm used to hearing MoCo, HoCo and AACo residents pontificate about how everything they have (or in the case of Wegman's, what they are still years away from having) is superior to what gets built in "PG County." By all means go to the 60K sq. ft. Whole Foods in Annapolis or any of the 37K sq. ft. Harris Teeters in the District. But don't try to convince me that they have more to offer than a 130K sq. ft. Wegman's. This store is the equal of any Wegman's in the chain and is the biggest in the area with the exception of the new store in Leesburg.

              1. re: treetop tom

                Noted, and you are correct!
                Things will change Im sure.
                I too live right up the road from the new store.
                Just waiting a minute more.....