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Help! Too many scallions!

My garden produced a ridiculously large amount of scallions this year that now need to come up to make room for next season's plantings. Any recipes for preserved scallions? Scallion relish? Scallion pesto? Anything that wold use up my garbage-bag-full of scallions and allow me to enjoy them through the winter ... and spring ... and summer ... and probably next fall too.
Thanks, Jake

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  1. Some nice salty, garlicky pickled scallions appeal to me right now!

    1. You could make and freeze Chinese style scallion pancakes uncooked, rolled between parchment or plastic wrap. Make a huge batch of Amy's Bread scallion feta scones and freeze those parbaked. Let's see, there's another fantastic bread recipe, an overnight walnut scallion bread, in the first Amy's Bread cookbook. (This is the NYC bakery, I'm referring to.) You could make dumplings, shrimp and scallion potstickers or lamb and scallion, if you prefer, and freeze those. Hmmm....

      1. what an embarrassment of riches.

        blanch and freeze what you can, the rest, your pesto or relish ideas sound good. make a big pot of miso and call your friends.

        <edit> root vegetables don't preserve well in oil, botulism risk. freeze or pickle.

        and besides, too many scallions? no such thing.

        1. cut across into mini coins and dehydrate. use in soups and stews, or powder and use in dips or spreads.

          1. Thanks for the tips. Anyone have a recipe for those garlicky pickled scallions?

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                Just seeing that recipe makes me want a surplus of scallions as well.

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                  i know :) i'm having a little Chow envy right now.

            1. I think that the Onion Cheese Rolls found in this thread have potential. There are also other suggestions you can filter through if you like.

              Here --> http://www.farmgirlfare.com/2008/06/w...

              1. The bigger versions of the scallions can be grilled and served with romesco sauce (Barcelona staple)..called calcots. If you watch Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations, they had this one day during the Barcelona shoot.

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                  Calcots are not scallions; they just look like them. However, grilling is a great idea; the scallions are used whole or as mix components in a variety of yakitori and yakiton applications. They're also nice as an accompaniment when one is having Peking duck.

                2. How about ginger-scallionsauce? also known as ginger-green onion sauce


                  1. I saw this recipe this weekend on grill it. The scallion vinaigrette looks delicious!

                    1. call a local, well-regarded bistro and see if they want to buy your excess!

                      1. I just chop them up and freeze them, no blanching.

                          1. i also just chop up and freeze. i go through a lot of scallions. also, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper and broil it up till caramelized. this gets eaten up by my friends with their fingers by the plateful when i make it.

                            1. You guys are the best. Thanks much.

                              1. Scallion oil. Blanch and shock scallion tops. Chop roughly. Blend with the least amount of oil needed to cover, slowly drizzle in more oil. Let sit for a day in the fridge. Strain gently in a fine mesh strainer. Done right, if you keep the whole mixture cold enough, you'll get a really flavorful vibrant green oil which can then be used as a garnish, or drizzled on foods, or frozen (and keeps its color well too after unfreezing.)

                                Or blanch and puree scallion tops (puree with ice or oil to reduce oxidation) and fold into mashed potatoes (around 4oz scallions per 2lbs potatoes.) You end up with this intriguing green side dish, which looks even cooler contrasted with a blood orange butter sauce and served with salmon or lamb or anything really.

                                I also like the suggestion above for a jerk marinade... mm.... one of my favourite things.

                                1. Or chop up finely and add to softened butter. Shape into logs and freeze. You can cut it into chunks so easier to get at. The scallions will stay green and flavorful in the butter. You can use it in the middle of winter for sauteeing veggies, chicken, fish, anything.

                                  We do this with tarragon, a parsley-chive combination, lovage, other stuff . . . . .

                                  1. This won't help with a whole bag full but one way I keep scallions is in a glass jar with the lid in the fridge. They keep for a really long time that way--just like strawberries do in a jar.