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Oct 24, 2010 04:34 PM

New Mexico Chile

I've recently relocated to Chicago (Lincoln Park/Lakeview area) after years of living in the southwest. I just used up my last packet of Chimayo chile powder this evening and am desperate to find more! Chile powder (of good quality) is very easy to find in the southwest-- many grocery stores stock decent quality but I can't seem to find decent chile here. Any suggestions as to where I should look?

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  1. The Spice House on Wells has a range of chiles. Their "New Mexico" is anaheim, which should be close. If that's not good enough then ask if they can get it for you. If that fails, there are plenty of onliine vendors.

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      In addition to that location in Old Town, the Spice House also has stores on Central Street in Evanston and on Third Street in Geneva.

      Penzeys has stores in Naperville and Oak Park.

    2. You'll never find Chimayo chile powder around here. I havent found decent NM chili powder anywhere.

      You can order it online though. Thats what I do - unless I get a NM connection flying to Chicago.

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        My connection is a friend from Chimayo! ;-} Spice House (several locations) carries a New Mexico chile blend that is pretty good and close to a Chimayo taste. My Spice House is in Geneva.

        Spice House
        1512 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610

      2. I don't think there are any places that sell them, but you could ask the people at Flo, a great little restaurant on Chicago Av that makes relatively (i stress relatively) authentic New Mexican style food...