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Oct 24, 2010 04:33 PM

Wok in Edmonton?

Hey all,

I'm totally new to this site, but it looks like a cool place to be. I'm looking for a bit of local advice on a question thats been plaguing me for a while...where does one buy a carbon-steel wok without the coating in Edmonton?

I've been checking out all of the major chains, as well as many smaller stores, but I can't seem to find a good sized (around 14") carbon steel wok that doesn't have the non-stick coating. I've used one with the coating before, and as soon as you get anywhere near restaurant level heat, the coating literally bubbles off. Just wondering if theres any advice out there...I haven't made a foray yet into chinatown

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  1. Try T & T in the West Ed Mall.

    1. You can order real hand hammered iron woks from this dealer on E Bay. Prices aren't too bad, when you consider the free shipping from China.

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        The idea of hand hammered woks is a nice one, but I've heard that its possible to buy carbon steel ones for around $10-20 and they'll just work fine. Can anyone verify that T & T has them without the coating? Thanks

      2. The Real Canadian Wholesale Club has a bunch of different sizes of carbon steel woks. I have seen them in the 99th St. location at around 76th Ave. or so.

        1. Should be able to find something along Chinatown

          1. Thanks for the replies so far! I was hoping to save a trip or two to Chinatown, but looks like that's where I'll be heading. I heard Lucky 97 has carbon steel woks? The Real Canadian Wholesale Club is somewhere I haven't been in a long time, but it sounds like a promising lead.