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Oct 24, 2010 02:21 PM

Truffle menus

Where should I go in London for the best truffle menu at the moment? Many thanks

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  1. daisy - come the season, most restaurants in london use truffles as part of their menus, rather than present whole degustations. the only exception i immediately know of is helene darroze, who currently has a white truffle offering.

    you could try heinz beck at the lanesborough, although not listed i've heard tales of them doing menus on request, though expect to pay for this.

    an older post mentions zafferano do a special truffle menu. i guess a ring round of all the high-end italian places may be worth exploring.

    1. Give Murano a try also. I ate there last year during the season and I believe they had a truffle menu. We only had a couple pasta dishes with truffles rather than every dish.

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        I was offered a truffle menu last time I was at Murano too on a random Monday night so that's a very good idea.

      2. Boundary are doing an Alba White Truffle tasting menu next Wednesday 3rd November

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