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Oct 24, 2010 02:14 PM

Eclisse, White Plains--any reports?

Does anyone have a report on Eclisse, which recently opened as a replacement for Laguna on East Post Road. They apparently have a Mediterranean menu.

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  1. Eclisse is a Mediterranean restaurant is Par who has been in the business for years. He owned the original Pars in White Plains. You have to enjoy Mediterranean food. It's different. Similar to Greek. Yogurt dishes, hummus meat on sticks, etc...

    1. I, too, would like to see a report from someone who has been here. A friend suggested we try it.

      1. Had dinner at Eclisse yesterday. Menu is very interesting (at least to someone who hasn't experienced Persian food much). Started with spicy octopus & calamari appetizer - very spicy, but tasty sauce, tenderly cooked. For mains, 2 of us shared the meatball stew and lamb kebabs (and we appreciated getting clean plates and food served family-style without our having to ask). The meatball stew had tiny meatballs that went well with the pomegranate sauce, but there was so much sauce that it overwhelmed the dish. The very friendly and helpful server said that the chef recommended we eat the stew by spooning it on rice, but the sauce was too too fruity even to tempered by rice or flatbread. Am happy to report, though, that the lamb kebab was excellent - flavorful meat beautifully cooked, simply presented with 2 roasted tomato halves, rice, thick onion slice and parsley salad. I am not a parsley fan, but this parsley salad was lightly dressed in a vinegar sauce - delicious and refreshing.

        By the way, we tried to be adventurous with our 4-yr-old and ordered the chicken meatballs from the appetizers, but they were too exotically flavored for her (we ate them instead). Next time we might try the chicken kebabs that another little girl was happily eating, or we might stick to the tried-and-true red-sauce pasta section of the menu.

        As you can tell, I am really pulling for this place, because the service was so friendly and attentive, and because the menu was so interesting. I will definitely go back - I would be interested in seeing if the other stews provide a better balance between substance and sauce, but I might also just order from the kebabs and other less-saucy offerings to be on the safe side. Also would be interested in hearing from other Chowhoundians more experienced in Persian food on how this place compares.

        P.S. 2 appetizers, 2 mains, 2 glasses of wine, 1 glass of juice, 1 dessert came to $110.

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          NYT last Sunday gave it a "don't miss."

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            is that pricey or am I adding it up wrong? dinner for 2 with only 2 glasses of wine?110.00? Is it very upscale?

            1. re: yeshana

              no that's your average westchester night out with a kid as well. so dinner for 2.5 guests at a decent eatery.

          2. We went there on Sunday. All in all, a nice dinner. My husband and I started out splitting an order of the calamari and octopus. Very nicely spiced and tender. For entrees, I had the meatball stew. I agree with the previous reviewer that there was too much sauce and it did overwhelm the dish. I didn't dislike it, but probably wouldn't order it again. My husband had the beef stew with preserved lemons. That was more interesting, and considerably less saucy. The restaurant was busy-- probably as a result of the Times review-- and the servers seemed a bit overwhelmed at times. We waited a while for someone to take our order, but our waiter was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and once we did order, service progressed pretty smoothly.

            The bill, with a bottle of perfectly decent Spanish red, came to $77 before tip, which we thought quite reasonable. We will return to try more dishes.